Another Session With scrotie

Scrotie arrived right on time for his 2-hour session.  I was ready to indulge my naughty, nasty thoughts…I had allowed my thoughts to drift to all that I would subject scrotie to during our time together…knowing full and well, going with the flow of whatever struck us during our time together would dictate the activity.

I had all my implements laid out in both my living room and bedroom…I like to be prepared and have everything out so I can simply reach for whatever tool and keep a nice flow to things going…I had the batteries charged up and ready for the TENS Unit.  I made sure the extra conduit pads were available…the parachute ball stretcher and the largest sink weights I have, along with the plastic ties to hold them on the parachute, pulling his balls down, stretching them nicely.

I had scrotie get naked and stand on the yoga mat on my large coffee table…I love to feel and play with the subject matter’s cock, caressing and teasing, warming-up, so-to-speak.  I then took the parachute ball device and taking his balls just under his cock, I wrapped that parachute tightly as I squeezed his balls, snapping it into place.  Next came the weights, I started with the two heaviest sinkers of 16 oz.  This was too much to start out with but I like to see how they “hang.”  I removed one and kept one 16-oz weight…I like to see how the weight swings between scrotie’s legs as it stretches his balls…along with fondling his cock and rubbing his nipples…

Next, I had scrotie get down on all fours…I then sat down in my red leather chair with scrotie’s ass facing me, while I reached between his legs and pulled the weight attached to the ball parachute.  I lubed up my hand and began milking his cock, all the while pulling on the weight, pulling his balls towards me through his legs…scrotie enjoyed this position and what I was doing to him…as in previous sessions, this “clicked” for scrotie, which always tickles and thrills me to no end. Scrotie was soon rocking forward and back while I massaged and milked his cock, all the while pulling on the weight attached to the ball parachute…a combination of stretching or pulling and milking.

Scrotie was begging to cum in no time…which we were doing a 2-hour session, there was plenty of time to rest and regain another attempt to bring him to orgasm…so, I granted him permission to cum and cum scrotie did…I milked his cock until I had every drop of jism emptied from his cock and balls!!  I love how super sensitive a man becomes after he ejaculates…the shivers when I run my hand, even lightly down the shaft of his wilting member, making sure I have every drop he has to offer!!

I removed the ball parachute and weight…taking a warm wash cloth, I cleaned up scrotie and his mess…I think he was surprised at how much of a load he had offered up to this Mistress, but he was thrilled to have done so…

I made scrotie put on a big, thick robe…I didn’t want him to get chilled while we began to embark on our next torture activity.  My sessions with scrotie aren’t about brutality, they are about cultivating the orgasm, bringing about a measure of stress relief through a sexual climax…though intermingled with a different form of sexual interaction through cock and ball torture to some extent…I enjoy this direction of D/s almost more than the brutality some of my other submissive clients prefer and enjoy.

Next, it was time to make scrotie dance a little with the TENS Unit attached to various parts of his cock and balls…I attached the conduit pads just under his balls and to the sides of his cock…we tried several different pad positions before I turned on the TENS Unit and proceeded to turn-up the volume of electrical current…I love watching scrotie twitch and move as I turn the current up and down, placing it on various pulses…I’m always aware of how much and what causes too much of a zap…another warming up, if you will. I replaced the ball parachute and 16-oz weight to his cock and balls and to the bedroom we headed!

I was turned on and ready to have my pussy licked…something else I had been thinking about all day…another good pussy licking is exactly what I needed to have my stress-relieving orgasm.  I decided scrotie was sufficiently re-warmed, it was time to go to my bedroom.  I placed scrotie in my pussy-eating chair and placed myself on the edge of the bed to begin licking my pussy…I had my riding crop handy in case his tongue got too heavy on my tiny clitty…

This worked pretty well, but I wanted more…I kept thinking of how great it was to be pulling on the ball parachute weight while I stroked his cock…it then hit me, scrotie needed to eat my pussy while I was laying on my back where I had his cock and balls practically in my face but handy enough for me to pull on the weight and massage his cock while he ate my pussy!!!

scrotie was happy to accommodate my wishes and I laid down on my bed and had him straddle me, he was to eat my pussy while I lubed up my hands and tits…I then set to pulling on the weight and massaging/milking his cock while he ate my pussy…I made sure scrotie was paying attention to how hard he was licking my clit, the position and yes, move up, move down…lick that clit…I was so close to cumming but I refused to give in until I couldn’t hold back from falling over the edge of my orgasm…

I started falling over that wave of ecstasy, going with the warm, electric current of the sexual energy of my orgasm…when I didn’t realize how hard I was yanking on the ball weight, which is turn yanked hard on scrotie balls…scrotie yelped loudly with his head between my legs…which I let go of the weight and scrotie came up like a rocket…in my throes of passion, I had yanked really hard…as I told scrotie, it was an effort to remove his balls, though it wasn’t my intention to inflict THAT much pain.  We both dissolved in laughter…I had almost castrated scrotie while orgasming!!  Nothing like hollering in my own throes of passion but having scrotie yelp in pain in the middle of it all.

Unfortunately, my yank caused scrotie’s cock and balls to mightily retreat…though we had a lot of fun and a good laugh as well.  scrotie was able to leave with his cock and balls in full tact…a little sore from the wear and tear, but in tact until our next get together.

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