Tuesday In The Deep Freeze!!

The statistics of the bitter cold here in Oklahoma are indicating that the current freezing temps haven’t dipped this low since 1996. I don’t like the cold, much less bitter cold…though I will admit, this is the first winter I haven’t suffered mightily from the efforts of Mr. Arthritis.

Nevertheless, I found myself watching the 10:00 newscast-weather forecast with great disdain over the predicted “extreme” lows for Wednesday through Friday. I kept wishing the predictions will be wrong, I don’t want to think or deal with temperatures that cold…I don’t want to think about whether or not my water pipes will freeze…I don’t want to think about my patio plants in my patio greenhouse loosing power if the little heater can’t produce enough heat…I’m tired of thinking about the “what ifs” of the bitter cold!!! It will be here, I will deal with it, but you can bet, I’m not liking it.

I’m trying to get around early this morning and get to the office…time entry deadline is today and yesterday was not nearly as productive as I had hoped. I HAVE to meet my deadline today because I have a session scheduled with dear scrotie this evening to stretch and torture his cock and balls. scrotie has requested a 2-hour session, so that will take some nasty stamina on my part. I’ve gathered up what cbt devices I have on hand and put the TENS Unit batteries to charging. I’ve been reading up on all the sexual devices that can be ordered for a TENS Unit. Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll be able to secure some of these delight implements of torture…the diabolical, naughty, nasty thoughts are always just right there waiting to be tapped…damned if my work life doesn’t get in the way sometimes!!!

Anyway, got to move along, I really want to get things accomplished at work so I can enjoy this evening. Have a great freezing Tuesday!!!

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