The First Monday Of 2010!!

Here we are, the first workday of January, 2010!! This is going to be a busy week at the office…well, actually, the next two days are going to be balls-to-the-walls…time entries are due tomorrow by 5:00 p.m. I’m hoping to head to the office early this morning to get a start on all my time entries as I have been so covered up with the day-to-day deadlines and such that time entering got put to the side.

I’m hoping to make it to Monday night yoga class tonight, but that will all depend on how much I get done today before leaving the office…frustrating to say the least, but that’s the way it goes.

I’m giving serious thought to taking off this coming Friday…I’m hosting a baby shower with my daughter this coming Saturday and taking Friday off would give me time to get my part together and get organized before heading out-of-town on Saturday to do the shower. I think my main attorney will be out of the office on Friday, so I need to double-check that and see what deadlines we have going on before putting in for the day off. Who knows, I may even be able to entertain a client or two if I can get my schedule worked out…

Which I’m hoping I can get things on the time entry well enough in hand to continue with my 2-hour session planned tomorrow night with my submissive scrotie. This guy likes cock and ball torture, with an emphasis on ball stretching. He also likes electro-play, so I will need to make sure the batteries in the TENS unit are powered up and ready for our session…I’m hoping that my day-job schedule doesn’t interfere with my session schedule, but I should know by this afternoon if I’m going to be able to do both!

It’s freaking cold out…yes, I know it’s January, but here in Oklahoma, the temps usually flirt around the freezing mark…we’re way below freezing and it’s supposed to get even colder by the middle of the week, with a chance of MORE SNOW!!! What in the Hell happened to Global Warming? Just as I figured, Global Warming is a big scam cause we’re sure freezing our asses off here in Oklahoma!!! I can’t even imagine how the folks up in Minnesota, North Dakota, Illinois and such are making it…someone needs to send Old Man Winter backing up a bit heading closer to the North Pole!!!

Time to get moving along…I really would like to get to the office early…I just realized, most everyone in other offices will be back today and the parking garage is liable to be full to overflowing if I dilly-dally around this morning…so, quest to get to the office early, or at the worst, on time…have a great frozen first Monday of the new year!!!

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