The Cotton Bowl…OSU Takes A Lickin’!!!!!!

I really didn’t think Ol’Miss was going to pull it out and beat the Oklahoma State Cowboys, but they did it after I left to run some errands, which was in the 4th quarter.

I swear Ol’Miss did everything they could to screw up the win…they practically handed OSU the game…but, someone pulled their heads out of their asses and Ol’Miss FINALLY, monopolized on some key plays.

I have to admit, I thought it was pretty brutal this morning when I was reading how the Cotton Bowl is considered The Disappointment Bowl…today’s game pretty much lived up to the title of The Disappointment Bowl. I really thought both teams would have played better…the spreads had the scores being much higher.

So, the “stellar” season the OSU Cowboys were laying claim to half-way through the football season, fizzled out with a little pop, instead of the incredible BANG!!!!

Yes, I was cheering for Ol’Miss…and the college football bowl gawds heard my prayers…okay, jeers and screams!!!!

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