Sunday Reflections…(1-3-2010)

It’s been another crazy, busy week…though I was able to enjoy some naughty, nasty fun on Tuesday night.  I have another naughty, nasty session scheduled for Tuesday night of this week…my dear subbie scrotie has been begging for a session.

This next work week will be filled with more deadlines, end of the month, first of the month time entries will be due by 5:00 p.m. Tuesday night.  I plan on getting all of my people’s time entered by sometime tomorrow evening…even if I have to miss Monday night yoga class.  I have been so covered up busy the past two weeks, I haven’t been able to input much time.  I think I may have a week of one of my attorney’s time but I’ve got three people to enter time for, so, I’ll have to get with it tomorrow morning.

On top of cleaning up the mess on my desk, taking care of a filing mistake I made, which I have a bad feeling that won’t be easily remedied, but I’ve got to clean that up.

I hope my cube-mate calms down a bit.  She was pretty worn-out and freaked out by how busy she’s been…welcome to the real world.  She’s also getting another attorney to work for/with…I can sense she’s a bit overwhelmed, but we’ll see how it goes. My cube-mate really freaked out on Wednesday when her paralegal had several filings that had to be done.  She’s been spending a lot of time on the internet and Facebook the last couple of weeks, which work does interfere with the time she does spend on the various sites.  There are lots of valid personal reasons for her attention being torn between her personal life and work-life, but the bottom-line, we’re being paid to pay attention to our work and not be tending to our personal lives while on the firm clock.

I am not surprised that the current administration of our government has been trying to cover-up the underwear bomber incident of Christmas…it’s amazing how many warnings those folks got and they simply ignored them…now, who’s bright idea is it to ignore such reports?  Of course, the President doesn’t have to worry about when he travels because he doesn’t have to mingle with the general population.  Nor does he have to expose himself in airports where it seems security measures have broken down enormously…people are going to have to die before the current administration does anything and even then, I doubt very seriously anything will change or be beefed up with regard to security.

I’ve enjoyed some good college football over the New Year’s holiday.  My OU Sooners won their first bowl game since 2005.  Ol’Miss beat Oklahoma State yesterday in the Cotton Bowl.  Texas Tech beat Michigan State last night in the Alamo Bowl.  FSU beat Cincinnati handily in the Sugar Bowl, in fact, that game was kind of a blow-out, just like Nebraska beating Arizona in the Holiday Bowl.  There’s still a couple of bowl games that I want to watch, tomorrow (Monday) there is the Fiesta Bowl pitting Boise State against the TCU Horned Frogs, that should be a really good game…there is the National Title game, the BCS Championship game on Thursday evening between Texas and Alabama.  I honestly don’t know which team I will be cheering for…I like both teams and feel that both teams should be in this title game.  Thursday will be the end of MY college football season and the beginning of my interest in college basketball, leading to March Madness!!

I was thrilled with that I was able to get over the Dillards sale on New Year’s Day and reap the benefits of their additional 50% off for that day only.  I took my calculator with me and with the two gift cards I had in tow, I was able to buy about 5 shirts and several sweaters, a pair of jeans.  I bought a fancy Christmas sweater that I had had my eye on but wasn’t about to pay $79.95 for it…I got the one I wanted for $19.95!  I’ll pack it away with my other Christmas shirts and outfits.  I am amused with myself that I wasn’t able to hang with the gals down in the shoe department…that department was pretty wiped out by the time I got down there…one lady had 5 boxes of Coach shoes in the check-out line.  Even at half of the price sticker price, that was at least, $50 to $75 per pair of shoes!!  I may venture back over in a week or so, to see what shoes are left over and marked down…the real clearing mark-downs happen about the 3rd week of January through the middle of February.  With the resort and spring lines coming in since the week before Christmas, the winter stuff will start being marked down to 33% and 50% over the next couple of weeks and then the real mark-downs of 66% and 70-75% come the second to third week in February.  Yes, I have it all down…that’s how a gal bargain shops!!!!

I’ve been studying the yoga class schedule of the “Y” that I am a member and I think I can get two more days of yoga class in if the class schedule is true to its printing.  I am beginning my push to get in shape to do the Oklahoma City Memorial Run at the end of April…I will be cross-training with yoga and swimming.  I am pretty sure I will continue to walk/race walk, but every now and then I start thinking about running.  Maybe when I get some more weight off, I will be able to run without putting a lot of stress on my body…for now, walking for fitness and race-walking are the direction I’m going.

No, this isn’t a New Year’s resolution, just a direction I’ve given myself to get back on track with my walking and physical fitness.

I’ve got two big weekends in January planned.  Next Saturday, I will be hosting a baby shower for one of my daughter’s best friends.  It will be a stressful, exhausting couple of days, as I think I will take off on Friday to gather up all the food and then the shower on Saturday afternoon.

Then, we’re plotting and planning a big birthday party for one of our friends in OKC on Saturday, January 23rd.  It should be a great, naughty, nasty party…we’ll gather the intimate swinging group together with some additional new folks…I think the invite list of quality single guys is about complete and the invites have been extended…there still might be a few guys we include but as with most swinger parties, having the ratio of single guys to single gals and couples needs to be just right.  Having quality single guys that understand their part and role at a swinger party, is the difficult part.  Also, our group tries to include single guys that, at least one gal will want to fuck.  I’ve got two guys that I’ve invited that have been to our parties before and were able to perform quite satisfactorily…there’s a couple more guys that need to be tried out to see if they are party material, but for the most part, the invite list has been made and extended.  It should be a great naughty, nasty time for the birthday boy!!!

Time for another cup of coffee…have a great first work week ahead in the new year!!!  Here’s to hoping 2010 is a better year than 2009!!!!

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