How About A Sexual Gang Bang???

I’ve had several (okay, lots of folks!) contact me over the years about starting a Gang Bang Group.   I thought I would see how much actual interest there is in bringing together a group that would cater to sexual gang bang activities.

I know how badly I wanted to realize a gang bang why I first got divorced.  I think I had always fantasized about being taken by a “group” of men, but I never really knew how to bring it all together or rather, who to go to, to help me realize such a sexual fantasy. I’ve always been a woman that wanted to experience what was going on in my mind…I never stop until I’ve brought it all into fruition. Imagine my delight when I found a man that could help me realize, explore and experience all that I had going on in my naughty, nasty mind!!!!

I’ve brought together a select group of men and women a couple of times to help folks realize a fantasy or two that they had, so I know I can do it. I guess you could say, I’m ready to tackle this particular fantasy on a whole different scale or level and help others that want to realize this experience as well.

Anyway, I’ve started the group:  Gang Bang Oklahoma on Adult FriendFinder …it’s going to be open to everyone, not just folks here in Oklahoma, if you have any remote interest, check it out. (Yes, you have to be a member of that adult site in order to contribute to the group.  You may be able to view the group, just not contribute unless you join the site.)

So, how about a sexual gang bang to start 2010 off with a BANG???????

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