The Second Day of 2010!!!

I made it up and out the door to attend my Saturday morning yoga class at the nearby family “Y”.  I felt so fat and old…not being able to do some of the simple poses…just not flexible enough, not yet, at least.  I held to the thought that it was a practice and I have missed the last three classes due to work and weather conditions.  Thus, it was nice to get back into the swing of the stretching, breathing and bending.  Always room for improvement, always a work in progress.

It is freaking cold today…temps are not supposed to get out of the 20s today…there’s also a chance of snow tonight into tomorrow.  I don’t like the cold, while it is pretty easy to layer clothing, it seems that once I get cold, it is hell to get warmed up!!!

I’ll be watching the Cotton Bowl college football game this afternoon…I’m patiently waiting for the pre-game show to come on at noon…and then kick-off is scheduled around 1:00 p.m.  I honestly don’t think Oklahoma State has a snow-ball’s chance in Hell of beating Ol’Miss…everything I’ve read on Ol’Miss and their stats, OSU will be rolled over and made into a very flat, thin pancake.  I heard last night on the local sports cast that Perish Cox had been suspended from today’s game due to curfew violations…looks like yet another smart-ass OSU player felt his “star” status raised him above the curfew requirements for the rest of the team…looks like another player reading and believing his own press releases.  I’m still trying to decide if I will be cheering for OSU…probably not, just too much bad feelings towards OSU to wish them good luck and a win.  I’ll be cheering for Ol’Miss, just because they’re the opposing team matched up against OSU.

I’ve started doing my research on Alabama and Texas matched-up for the title  game this next week…Right now, I honestly don’t know who I hope to win.  They are both power-houses, though I think Alabama may be more consistent in their quest for the perfect season…Texas gets lazy but manages to pull it out in the final seconds…depends on whether Texas shows up to really play or they come in and get rolled-over by the Crimson tide of Alabama.  Right now, I’m leaning towards Alabama to win the National Title!!

I’ve got to sit down and figure out how to pay the house taxes online.  They were supposed to have been paid on Thursday…and I conveniently forgot…now, here it is the 2nd and I’m still trying to motivate myself to track down the website and pay…just makes me sick to think how much I have to pay in property taxes…and then the vicious cycle of utility bills and the ever-raising costs of the utilities…I’m still fighting the water department for how much they’ve been charging me, claiming they’ve read the meter or calling it an “actual” read when they haven’t touched the meter in month, much less taken an actual read…at least, the last water bill was where it should be…I’ll have to stay on top of all that to keep it manageable…I’m dreading the next gas bill…with all this cold weather, it will definitely be up…how much, well, we’ll see.

Time to check my mail, see if there are any potential playmates needing to be cultivated and scheduled.

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