The Tuesday Night Session…

The new friend/new submissive man I entertained Tuesday evening had requested a 2-hour spanking session.  New subbie sent me details of his previous experiences (pretty damned hot)of service to a Dominant Woman and his desire and need to serve a Dominant Woman, now, new subbie sounded like my kind of guy…and you know, he exactly my kind of new submissive and more!!!

I am always clear in my instructions to a new friend/new submissive about the need to be punctual in arriving.  How exactly they are to come into my home and what will immediately take place. I do my best to make sure there is a clear picture of safety and interest upon arrival but, there is always an air of the unknown.

Last night’s new subbie arrived right on time.  I’m always excited about opening the door leading into my garage from outside and the man I will find there waiting to gain entrance!!!  New subbie is a very tall man, not really thin, but definitely not heavy…just right in body size.  We talked for about 5-minutes; I like to make sure the new friend/new subbie sees me, takes a look at his surroundings, discuss safe words if it is a BDSM friend and then get right to our session.

I had new subbie strip naked before me in my living room, ready for his initial full-body inspection.  new subbie’s cock was already rock hard and he was wearing a cock ring, which seemed to be embedded in his hardness…I took his erect cock in my hand and began touching him all over…asking if his nipples were sensitive, I examined his shaved cock and balls…nice, very nice.  new subbie’s cock was rather thick, a good 8.5 to 9-inches in length.  A little larger than I like, but hey, he was erect/hard and I really have only a couple of submissive friends that truly get an erection when sessioning with me…this new friend had great promise with the erection he had going on.

I decided new subbie needed to have his ass cheeks warmed up, so I had him place himself across my lap with his erection between my inner thighs.  I started off with an open hand smack on each ass cheeks…slowly alternating my swats…slowly and steadily increasing the intensity of my hand-to-skin connection…I like to rub the ass cheek a little after my hand makes contact with the bare skin…I enjoy feeling the heat beginning to rise with each swat.

After about 10-swats with my hand, I had my new subbie lay over my red leather ottoman, present his ass for further paddling.  I then took one of my flat, leather paddles and positioned myself where I could place a good smack of this paddle on each cheek…his ass cheeks were starting to glow…he made little grunts and sighs with each lick of the paddle…I traded my leather paddle for one of my thin-string-rubber floggers…a couple of good swats with the flogger, then the thicker-strand flogger, which made nice little flog-strand prints on his red-glowing ass cheeks…I’m very particular in both ass cheeks being colored-up the same…the same print inlay on each side…

I was impressed with how wide this new subbie could get his ass cheeks when placed on all-fours…his ass-hole was offered up so perfectly…he had been trained well by his previous Mistress…I was so lucky to have this subbie contact me to continue his service and discipline!!!

I took new subbie from laying over the ottoman to standing on my coffee table where I could have a better view of his cock and balls, as well as his ass-hole…after completing my inspection with his standing, I then had him get down on all fours on the coffee table, which put him at a perfect height for my continued spanking administrations.

I used the riding crop on my friend’s glowing red ass cheeks…his whimpering was a bit stronger at this point…time to have him on display and rub some ice on his ass cheeks to cool them off a bit, as well as reduce the pain that seemed to be growing!  I continued to touch and feel my new playmates naked body…bit-by-bit I took my own clothes off, as I, too, was getting quite warmed up spanking my new friend…so, off with my clothes, though I left my high heeled shoes on for a while longer…
I couldn’t stand it any longer; I needed my pussy licked, time for my hard-cocked new friend to pleasure and please me orally!!  I took him by the hard cock and led him back to my bedroom. All the while, subbie was not allowed to look at me, though I couldn’t resist dipping two of my fingers into my hot, honey-pot covering my fingers with my juices and then having him smell and lick them clean!!!  A few more swats with my leather paddle that has the word “bitch” cut-out which makes a delicious word imprint on the subbie’s ass cheeks, it was time to take my friend back to my bedroom for my own pleasure and enjoyment…

I had subbie get up off of the coffee table, standing fully erect, his erect cock protruding eagerly out in front of him…I had him place his hands behind his neck and I led him by the hard cock back to my bedroom chamber!!  I love pulling a subbie along by his hard cock…the power that ensues from holding that piece of man-meat in my hand is simply intoxicating to me, better than a good stiff drink of alcohol!!!  Fabulous, simply fabulous!!!!

Back in my bedroom, I swatted subbie a few times before commanding him up on the bed. I had subbie get on the bed on all fours, in the middle of the bed while placing the TV pillow under him for support…I continued his ass-warming-spanking with two of my leather paddles, alternating between the two till I got his ass glowing a nice red again…I took off my heels and climbed up on the bed behind my subbie…the heat from his ass was wonderful and so exciting…my pussy was dripping wet by now, I was thoroughly enjoying my new subbie!!

It was time for my new subbie to eat my pussy…I was so hot and turned on…I had him get up off of the bed and sit in what I have deemed “the pussy eating chair.”  I then laid back on the bed, propping myself up on the TV pillow, spreading my legs wide, while holding my ankles so he could have full access to my hot pussy.  I had both riding crops laying next to me on the bed to use if he didn’t lick my pussy just right.

My new subbie began to work his tongue…oh, gawd, it felt sooooo good!!!  I prefer a delicate, feathery tongue on my clit, licking ever so gently all around my pussy lips, up and down my slippery slit to my ass-hole…and back…it didn’t take me long to get close to orgasming…he applied a feathery tongue, though a few times I had to pick up the crop and whack him with it when he applied too much pressure…he eventually began to suck on my delicate, tiny clit…but the pressure he applied was just right, not too much, not too light…just right and it didn’t take me long to achieve my orgasm by his mouth…I quickly pushed his head away, as I become too sensitive for someone to continue to touch my clit…the waves of ecstasy surging through my body, subbie was allowed to sit back and watch his handiwork until I was able to continue on…

I had subbie get back up on the bed…I had a renewed vigor to tending to his ass cheeks…but, I had other ideas of what I wanted to do with my new friend.  I paddled his ass red and hot again and then had him lay on his back while I applied the leather ankle cuffs and hand mitts.  Having my new friend on his back and chained to the four-corners of my bed, I could play with his cock to my hearts content.  After all, I had received my pleasure and fulfillment, time for me to draw more pleasure and fun out of my new submissive friend!!

My friend had not been restrained in this manner, so we were embarking on a new direction for him.  I gathered up different toys and placed myself between his restrained legs…I had covered him with my thick terry robe as he was experiencing a bit of cold in the room…that didn’t last long, as I had him back in full heat with my ministrations to his very nice cock.  His erection was remarkable but then, I’m such a lover of erections that every erection is unique and special, just as the individual that is serving me…I love it when my ministrations are welcomed and received in such a reactionary manner!

I placed one of my small vibrating butt plugs in his ass-hole and took out my vibrating Fuku-gloves, working his cock into one frenzy after another…he would get close to cumming and I would admonish him that he was not allowed to cum unless he had my permission…I had to smack his hard cock with my hand a couple of times to get him to calm down and back down from his impending orgasm…

I kept my hands lubed up and continued to use various vibrators on my new friend…fucking his ass-hole, slowly but surely converting his ass-hole into his man-pussy…it didn’t take long until my subbie was begging me to fuck his man-pussy with my Feldo-dildo…I covered my two-person dildo with a condom and proceeded to find his man-pussy opening…then placing the bulb in my own pussy, I released subbie’s legs so he could spread them wide to allow me to fuck him…and fuck him I did…I got frustrated when my part of the Feldo kept coming out of my pussy…the angle is just never quite right but the bulb part makes a great handle in which to fuck someone else.  I was aggravated that I’ve neglected to get a couple of new bullet vibrating insertions for my Feldo.  I need to pick-up a couple of those little wireless beauties to have on-hand for just such occasions!!!

I continued to fuck my new subbie’s man-pussy…he was so close a couple of times to cumming, but it wasn’t time…I denied him permission to cum…I would allow him time to calm down and then I would start again…building the frenzy, building to his orgasm again and again…

I did decide I had to have some of that hard cock and covered him with a condom before climbing on-board…I rode him to one of what I refer to as a “mini” orgasm…but his cock went limp and that was simply not acceptable!!!

I returned to my sitting position between his legs…and then my new subbie asked me if I would fuck him with my fist!!!  Oh my, fist his man-pussy!!! You bet, no problem for this gal!!!  I quickly put on one of my surgical gloves, lubed up my hand and began to insert one finger, two fingers, then three, four, five!!!  Keeping my hand in the cupped, swan-head, or some call it a snake’s head position ready to strike!! I found my hand inserted into my new subbie’s asshole clear to my wrist…I commanded subbie to jack himself off while I fucked his man-pussy with my first…I had released his hands from the leather mitts so he was able to grab a hold of himself…it didn’t take subbie long to beg this Mistress to allow him to cum…permission granted and off his cock went with immense squirts of his jism which fell on several places on his chest.

I slowly pulled my fist out of his man-pussy…what a delightful adventure!!!  How hot and nasty!!!

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