New Year’s Day 2010

Doesn’t really feel any different than yesterday, New Year’s Eve, other than I didn’t have to get up this morning when the alarm went off…as it turned out, I didn’t get up when the alarm went off yesterday!!

Instead, I let the kitty alarm get the best of me to get out of bed this morning. The kitty alarm has nothing to do with anything on my persona…but rather, my yellow cat, that sleeps on the foot of my bed deciding she was ready for everyone to get up. My little dogs are crate trained so they sleep in their crates at night, but Ms. Kitty (that’s her name) sleeps either on the top of the sofa or the end of my bed…every now and then, if she finds a box or a trash bag laying around, she’ll curl up for the night there…I attribute her affinity to trash bags and boxes to having spent her very early days as an abandoned kitty in a trash dumpster…

Hold those thoughts…the coffee is finally ready!!

Oh, that’s good!!! I’m still tired this morning…good thing I really didn’t have anything planned other than tackling a few more projects around the house. I brought the new year in quite quietly than years past…I was asleep before 10:00 last night and didn’t see or hear the clock strike midnight…but the new year came anyway and I’m sure there were lots of folks doing enough celebrating for not only themselves but for me as well.

Happy New Year 2010!!!

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