New Year’s Eve…2009

I’m trying to get motivated enough to get in the shower and head to the office this morning.  It just isn’t happening for me this morning.  I got up really late and that’s always a catastrophe!!

Yesterday, was another grueling work day ending with having to take certified mailings to the airport post office to be sure they got out last night.

I was able to enjoy a new BDSM client last night…I can’t wait to post the details of that session but I’m too tired this morning  to get my thoughts collected enough to compose a fabulous, sexy post…and, I really need to get ready for my last work day of 2009!!!!

I’m hoping we get to leave the office early, but the way things go around the powers-that-be, we won’t know until about noon whether or not we get to leave early…it would be nice to get home and get comfy and just spend a nice quiet New Year’s Eve at home,welcoming in the new year, the new decade…such is life.

The snow is really melting…quite a bit melted yesterday and and I’m hoping even more melts today. The Sun Bowl is this afternoon, so I’ve got that to look forward to watching…I did hear yesterday that the Nebraska marching band was unable to join the football team at The Emerald Bowl in San Diego so a Nebraska High School band that was already in Sand Diego attending ak competition was asked to come over and play for the Nebraska game…that would be an ultimate experience for someone in high school. I better head to the shower…I just realized what time it was…no rest for the wicked!!!! Have a great New Year’s Eve…more to come/cum…

There was a time when I would pack up and head to Big D to the on-premise party-house to the NYE bash…talk about a fantastic swingers’ party!!!  I imagine the door donation is well over $100…and, that’s just not in the current financial budget…now, if that rich, swinging man came into my life and swept me off of my feet and HE wanted to go to Big D to that party, we’d be all about it…but the rich, swinging guy is simply a fantasy of mine in which I live happily ever after.  Good one, huh?

Tonight, I will more than likely come home, figure out what to have for dinner…maybe a dear friend will come over and we’ll just sit around like two old people, watching TV, maybe lasting until the Ball in Times Square drops and then off to bed to…get your minds out of the gutter…we’ll got to bed to go to sleep!!!

Have a great last work day of the year if you’re having to head into work this morning.  The office is closing early today so, at least, I get off of work around 3:00 p.m.

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