t feels as though I just got home from work and now, it’s time to go back for more…

I was right when I said it was going to be crazy this week…I ended up having to work till 9:30 p.m. last night due to a Federal filing…now, I’m struggling to be awake and prepare for my work day, today. I’m on the first cup of coffee…and hoping that by the time I go for the second cup, I’ll be awake enough to decide on what to wear.

Brain tired always seems so much more tired than physical tired…today, I’ve got to dig out from the mess that I created yesterday with the two big projects that were completed…there are a couple more projects today but nothing of the monumental importance like yesterday.

I’ve had a couple of requests from some friends that don’t seem to understand that I work a full-time day job. I’m specific when I provide my availability, if I say I’m available after 7:00 p.m. work week nights, I really mean that’s when I’m available. I’ve only come across a couple of consistent clients that I’m willing to take some time off from the “real” day job and make time to get together with them. I have always been a woman that feels attendance at school or work was the difference in a good and average employee. If you show up, that’s half the battle…if you can do the work and are good at it, that’s an even bigger advantage. I’m always amazed at people like the co-worker-from-hell that simply couldn’t work a full work week if they had to…and it simply amazes me at how many people feel three or four days of a work week is sufficient…everyone is dispensable!!

So, I’m having to really work on myself to get moving along this morning…I’m cold and tired…I want to curl up in a nice warm blanket and go back to bed, sleep a couple more hours…reality, not going to happen! I keep holding onto the fact that this is a short work week…the office will probably close early on Thursday, New Year’s Eve…so, until then, keep on plugging away…

More snow is predicted here in Tulsa tonight into tomorrow…that does not appeal to me…time to hit the shower…have a great Tuesday, make the most of it!!

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