More Questions Than Answers…

I’ve been asking myself over and over, what do you do when you’re in over your head financially?  I read and hear constantly about folks walking away from their debt, from their homes…from their cars…I want to walk away from my credit card debt…there are several solutions that I’ve explored and examined and yet, I still can’t make myself act on those solutions, not yet…like I’m waiting for some epiphany to occur or fall on my head!!!

I’m willing to do some pretty incredible things to get the debts paid off…the thing is, why talk to the many collection calls if I have no money in which to promise payment?  Why do the creditors keep calling?  I’m NOT going to make a payment over the phone, I’ve been burned too many times by those folks to agree to paying over-the-phone.  I’m not going to make empty promises to make a payment when I have no money…

The dilemma continues, the frustration of my cell phone being blown up by collection calls is wearing my out, but that’s what the calls/callers are meant to do…it does seem rather ridiculous to constantly call someone if they simply can’t make a payment…

It isn’t that I dispute that I owe the debt, I do owe, I simply have no funds in which to take care of the situation…again, I’m a constant work in progress…I’ve shredded all the credit cards, I’ve looked up shopaholic, debtors anonymous, how to “cure” your credit card woes online but you know, I haven’t found a viable solution other than bankruptcy…I’m still thinking on all that…I want to keep my car and home…I am willing to give up some of my material possessions to get the debt resolved…but, how does one go about generating “more” income to remedy this situation…

So, I have more questions than answer right now…I think what is really depressing is knowing that there are so many folks like me out there in this big ol’world!!!!

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