Monday after the Christmas Blizzard 2009…I can get out of my driveway, hopefully, I’ll be able to get out of my neighborhood. I’m hoping that since kids are out on winter/Christmas break there won’t be a lot of traffic going to work this morning. I’m going to do my best to get out of here early enough that I can take my time and watch for crazies on my way into the office.

This will be a 4-day work week, with the office probably closing early on Thursday for New Year’s Eve. There will be deadlines to meet for end-of-the-year and then next week, I’ll be faced with first-of-the-month, first-of-the-year deadlines…I’m thinking that the 3-day weekend will be time enough to brace myself for next week.

Bracing myself for the new year…I did a lot of thinking yesterday afternoon as I sorted through clothes, cleaning closets…it’s that time of year when resolutions to loose weight, clean-up and out the closets and house, garage…

I got up this morning thinking the house was a little more chilly than it was supposed to be. The digital thermostat was flashing “recovery” mode which means that the pilot light has gone out…after taking the trash out, I located one of my long-nosed lighters, got the flash-light positioned and prepared to re-light the pilot light on the furnace. Having the furnace right next to the door leading from the garage into the house is not good thinking by any stretch of the imagination. If I close that particular door too hard, it blows out the pilot light…which is probably what happened…nevertheless, I got the furnace re-lit and the house is warming up nicely. I have a ceramic heater in my bathroom so my morning shower so it’s not too chilly in there while I dress.

I’m hoping that I can make it to Monday night yoga class tonight. I really need a good stretch…I did get up and do the treadmill this morning…gawd I feel old!!! One of the attorneys that frequents our corner of the firm said that there is going to be a fitness/weight challenge starting the first of the year. He said there had been way too much weight gain since the last weight loss challenge the year before last. Amazing how folks will tend to stay on-track with their diet and exercise if there’s money involved!!!

Time to head to the shower…stay warm and have a great Monday!!!

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