The Tuesday Night Session…

I didn’t sleep too well for someone having such a good pussy-licking and having a good play time. I enjoy my old, limp-dicked guy. I feel as though I’m helping him enjoy his life a bit more during the hour we are together. I’ve not asked him exactly how old he is, but my guess is somewhere in his upper 70s to maybe 80. He may be older, but I do know that his various health conditions and medications to counter-act the health conditions have robbed him of being able to get any type of full blown erection.

When I do start my oral ministrations on him, he does achieve a semblance of a semi-hard-on…I guess you could say, I was determined to help him relax and get his mind only on what I was doing to his body. He still has a lot of sensation in his cock, just no ability to pump much blood to it. Sure makes it easy to suck on it…I don’t have to worry about my gag reflex or choking on his cock as I try to take him as far into my mouth and throat as I can…I guess you could say I exercise my little jaw muscles that tend to tire too quickly when sucking cock…not to mention, I don’t have to worry about my jaws locking up, which happens every now and then when I try to take a cock that is way too big for my mouth and jaw structure.

So, for 30-minutes, I administered soothing massage touches and oral ministrations to my old limp guy…he loved it, once I got him to closing his eyes and letting all the stress in his life go…I had him concentrate on his breathing while I set about to finding that spot on his cock that causes his muscles to contract and basically twitch with each suck that I administer…nothing thrills me more than to work a man’s cock and get a whole body reaction to what I’m doing…the muscles in his thighs twitch, then coupled with sucking his cock and running my fingers over his nipples…well, apparently that’s just a magic little combination.

I’ve even had a couple of my guys say that they get to a point where it feels like they’ve orgasmed…that’s the result I’m seeking to achieve. While there may not be any ejaculant, the sensations are there.

We had a good session, I enjoyed my old guy…he loves to tell me all about what’s going on in his life when we’re done playing…sometimes lingering a little longer than I would like, but I’m patient and I do care…sometimes that’s all a person seeks, is to know that someone is actually listening to them.

Another good session…

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