The Return Of dear subbie…

I enjoyed sessioning my dear subbie last night. It has been several months since dear subbie has come/cum to me to enjoy an hour of serving this Mistress. You see, dear subbie is one of those rare few that truly are meant to serve a Dominant Woman.

Our Dominant/submissive roles just flow so smoothly and easily when we session…and last night was evident that it is a good match.

Dear subbie arrived right on time…a few minutes early but tended to parking his car and preparing to enter this Mistress’ lair…I didn’t want dear subbie to catch a chill so I had him come right on into the house before disrobing. I turned up the furnace when I got home from work so that the house was nice and toasty and conducive to running around naked. I wanted dear subbie completely naked before me to use as I desired…and I did just that…

I had dear subbie strip off his clothes right there in the living room. I got right to inspecting my “property” and enjoyed watching him shiver and moan as I touched him and ran my fingers and hands all over his bare skin…I covered dear subbie’s head with my full bondage hood, which also served to keep dear subbie’s bald head covered and warmed…his body was soon warmed as well…as I said, I didn’t want dear subbie to catch a chill while serving his diabolical Mistress!!!

I realize now that I didn’t take time to put dear subbie across my lap and give him a good paddling for being gone so long from this Mistress…note to self, make sure dear subbie gets the paddling of his life next visit!!!

I did, however, place a good smack with my leather paddle that puts the imprint of “BITCH” on each of dear subbie’s ass cheeks!!
Such a sight to see!!! A light red “BITCH” came up on each of dear subbie’s ass cheeks…I was quite delighted with my work!!

I wanted to see how “open” dear subbie’s man-pussy would be after going several months without training…it my delight, dear subbie’s man-pussy was quite receptive of the invasion of my finger…then two-fingers…then my blue dildo…I was, to say the least, quite pleased with dear subbie’s man-pussy and how quickly it opened up when Mistress began her play…

It didn’t take long for me to have dear subbie begging this Mistress to fuck his man-pussy, give it to him…and give it to him I did…I then put my strap-on dildo device on and proceeded to rub the head of that rubber cock on the tight little rosebud of dear subbie’s man-pussy…even going so far as to get the condom-covered head of this particular dildo inserted to the rim of the head into dear subbie’s man pussy…I loved pressing my body into dear subbie’s back and ass…fucking dear subbie, if you will!!!!

Our naughty, nasty fun flowed and after I had dear subbie get down on the floor on his knees and pay homage to my rubber dildo by sucking on the head sans the condom, I was ready to take dear subbie back to my bed and further sensually torture dear subbie…

I led dear subbie by the hard cock back to my bedroom…and then placed him in the center of my king-sized bed…I chained him securely to the four corners of the bed and proceeded to do as I pleased with his naked, bound body…and use him for my amusement and sexual pleasure I did…I was so hot and wet, nothing turns me on more than having a man chained spread-eagle to my bed, helpless to get away from my touch, my stroking of his cock…I took a smaller vibrator, covered it with a condom and stuck it in dear subbie’s man-pussy…he writhed and wiggled as I turned the power up on it…then I set to stroking his cock and rubbing my naked body all over him…

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I decided it was time for dear subbie to lick my pussy. I straddled his face and commanded him to lick and lick he did…he only once licked my pussy too hard and a slap of my hand on his hard cock got his attention and he eased off…it had been too long since Mistress had experienced the delightful ministrations of dear subbie’s wicked tongue…it felt so good, so hot and exciting…

It didn’t take Mistress long to give in to her own orgasm and I came with such a shudder and spasms…I rolled over to the side of dear subbie until the waves of ecstasy subsided a bit, then decided it was time for Mistress to ride dear subbie’s hard cock…and ride dear subbie I did!!!!

I released dear subbie’s chain bonds and got right to building to my next orgasm…I could feel my juices running down dear subbie’s cock and onto his balls and down his ass crack…I then commanded dear subbie that I wanted him to fuck me, so I got off of him, basically traded places with him and had him get on me while I laid on my back and fuck me good…it didn’t take dear subbie long to ask permission to cum…permission granted!!!! And cum dear subbie did!!!!

Yes, it was a wonderful session…it was good to have dear subbie to session again…I hope dear subbie won’t go so long between sessions from now on…though I have pointed out to dear subbie that I am a patient Mistress.

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