I was way too aware of the women I work with and their pantylines. Good gawd, do the gals simply not care any more that they have granny panties on and it shows through their polyester pants? Why bother to wear panties if you’re going to show a line?

Now, there are those of us that wear a thong panty…that way IF there are any lines, it will be a nice line close to the ass crack and quite honestly, unless you’re wearing white pants of some kind, no one will really know you’re even wearing a thong…

Seriously, I counted three women wearing granny panties today. I was disgusted and felt sorry for them that they simply didn’t care…and then I realized, hellzbellz each of them probably have the hairiest pussies and the hubbies probably don’t look or touch much any more…good grief!!!! There I sit with my thong panties, no pantylines showing when I wear slacks of pants to work…a shaved or trimmed pussy…

When I wear jeans, I don’t have a pantyline either…that will bring a whole other set of disgusting panty lines as most of the gals are about to bust out of their “big” jeans…the weight that is being packed on as we head into the colder months of winter…

So, today, I was way too aware of my co-workers and their hideous pantylines…do you notice a woman if she has pantylines? Does this gross you out or appeal to you? How do you feel about women and their pantylines?

BTW, I came across about a dozen websites dedicated to the topic, pantylines!!! OMG!!!  Just think there are probably hundreds of sites dedicated to only pantylines!!!

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