One Of The Hottest Encounters…

One of the hottest encounters I’ve ever had was one of the simplest…I was running late from the office and only had time to take off my skirt…I had worn a shirt, blouse, thigh highs and heels to work that day…off came the skirt and then my friend was at the door…

My friend seemed to like the innovative “outfit” that I had on…my black thigh highs, my white shirt unbuttoned a few buttons…no panties, but I did have on a bra and my high heels.

My friend had me lay down on the living room sofa where he proceeded to very slowly unbutton my blouse the rest of the way and begin to worship my body, inch-by-inch…as each item of remaining clothing came off, the temperature of my pussy went up…by the time I was completely naked, I just knew I would burst into flames of ecstasy!!

My friend left my black thigh highs on…he liked how they felt on my legs as his hands moved to part my thighs…he paused as he spread my legs to view my clean-shaven pussy…this only made me hotter, wetter…and then ever so slowly, my friend licked from the insides of my thighs…to my throbbing pussy…then the other thigh…and then a few feathery licks on my clit and off I went riding that wave of ecstasy…which came in wave after wave…

My friend then removed his clothes as the orgasmic spasms began to subside…his cock a steel-blue hard on, begging for my touch…I sat up and took him in my mouth, licking and sucking up and down that rigid shaft…cupping and massaging his balls…it didn’t take him long to slowly fuck my wicked, little mouth…and then he pulled away from me…he got down on his knees before me and spread my legs again…this time, he licked a few times before coming up and putting his cock-head to my wet pussy…he pulled my hips to the edge of the sofa and then very, very slowly, he began to enter my pussy…

I couldn’t believe I was already about to cum again…he began a very slow and gentle in-and-out movement…I could feel my pussy contracting on his cock…then, the movement began to pick-up speed and I was pulling at his ass checks to keep him inside of me…

“Fuck me, fuck me!” I gasped as I felt my orgasm begin again…he fucked me harder and faster…I felt his ass cheeks tense and I knew he was about to explode…I felt the head of his cock expand just as he started moaning and groaning, giving in to his own orgasmic eruption!!! OMG, did we explode!!!

He held me in his arms…kissing and holding each other…covered in the sweat of our sex…that’s when I realized, we hadn’t even made it to the bedroom!!!

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