Mistress’ Christmas Presents…

Mistress Elizabeth received several Christmas presents from a couple of her fabulous submissives.

dear subbie was such a dear and sent Mistress Elizabeth a Nude Yoga DVD and a CD of meditation music. Mistress was quite pleased and delighted with these thoughtful gifts. Thank you, dear subbie.

Then there were the so-called leather wrist cuffs that bitch boy sent Mistress. Let’s just say these are the most pathetic excuse for wrist cuffs that I’ve ever seen. While I appreciate the thought, I was quick to ask bitch boy what the point was for asking me what site I recommended for items of interest…which I prefer Leather Masters…bitch boy chose Extreme Restraints, again, what was the point of being specific? When I opened the package, I was sorely disappointed as the so-called wrist straps could easily be mistaken for cock straps…though bitch boy is never erect enough for Mistress to get any type of torture device meant for a hard cock…attaching one of the leather wrist cuffs to his limp cock will be quite a chore!!

Such is the difference in those that serve this Mistress…dear subbie strives to please and pleasure Mistress Elizabeth…
While bitch boy does his very best to vex and irritate Mistress Elizabeth…

Mistress was pleased with Her Christmas gifts and the loyal subjects that provided such…to each their own!

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