The Oklahoma Christmas Blizzard 2009

Here I sit, The Mature Sex Goddess, trying to figure out how long it’s going to take me to dig out of my driveway so I can get around town!!  Not to mention, The Mature Sex Goddess cannot entertain male subjects if they can’t get their car in my driveway…can’t have clients parking on the street, not only would my neighbors see strange cars stopping at my house, but the potential of a car being hit on the street with all this ice and snow, well, just not prudent to be entertaining clients right now.

I don’t like feeling trapped…and I really don’t feel trapped.  I have no where I really need to go.  Oh sure, the family would like for me to travel to see them this weekend…I was dreading the family get together, the family drama…the Christmas Blizzard took care of that for me.  So, the Oklahoma Christmas Blizzard of 2009 hasn’t been all bad.

I’ve been out a couple of times with my little long, flat shovel to clear a path to a patch of yard over by my privacy fence for my little dogs to use the bathroom. I’m afraid that the snow is too deep for my little Chihuahua, Riki, as he couldn’t even climb the drifts by the garage doors, so, being the good doggy momma I am, I made sure my little guys have a fairly decent path through the snow to go potty.

Then I decided I better clear a path to my little greenhouse, which I had to sweep the snow off of to keep it from collapsing from the weight of the snow drifting off of the roof last night. One side support broke so now it’s all lopsided but all the plants in my little greenhouse are cozy and warm at 60 degrees.

There’s no way I can get my car out of my driveway…I don’t think I can even back the car out of the garage completely, that’s how deep the snow drifts are on the backside of my house.

I came in to see what was on TV…what football bowl games or Pro football games might be on…well, my big living room TV made the noise like it was going to come on and then nothing. I’ve unplugged it, cleaned it, unplugged it again…used the remote control…nothing. Looks like the big albatross I bought from a friend a couple of years ago has not bit the dust. The biggest problem is I can’t possibly move that big ol’monster of a TV by myself. I’ll have to wait until my son comes over and have him help me move it out in the garage. I’ll move the big TV in my bedroom that I originally bought for the living-room back out to the living-room and then one of the smaller TVs in my home gym will get moved into my bedroom…if the bigger TVs weren’t so heavy I could do it all myself, and I still might…just depends on how ambitious I get as the day progresses. I don’t mind watching TV in the other parts of the house, so it becomes a matter of convenience.

I was really looking forward to going to yoga class this past Monday and this morning, but looks like I’ll use one of my yoga dvds to get a yoga workout in…basically, I’m home-bound. I’ll make the most of it…which being “trapped” is just not something that I had figured into my long holiday weekend.

At least, there is no threat of being without power. That was one of my biggest fears. The ice and snow did not stick to the trees and power lines so there hasn’t been any interruptions in power. One power flicker last night but that was it.
I did make sure I had full propane bottles for my two little propane heaters.  I don’t have a generator, really couldn’t afford one, but definitely something to think about for the future…optimally, a generator that will switch on if the power ever goes out completely again…note to self, make sure the rich, swinging man of my dreams puts a full capacity generator in the house after the pre-nups are signed!!!
Looks like my post-Christmas shopping won’t be happening today…I had my mind set on a couple of really nice, expensive Christmas sweaters at Dillards to pick-up when they mark them down tomorrow…so, that might not happen unless I decide to walk over to the mall, which might not be a bad idea.   Though the walk over there might not be too bad, the walk back might be more than I bargained for…what a workout!!!

I’m liking that I don’t have to make the drive to be with family today…I’m kind of liking having the weekend all to myself…the only thing that could make this all better would be a couple of hard cocks to enjoy and send on home…and then, why bother? I have my vast assortment of battery-operated boyfriends to keep me satiated and happy!!!

How much snow is too much snow?  I can’t imagine living in a part of the country where snow covers the ground for, at least, six months of the year…this is Oklahoma, one or two big snow-falls a year, maximum…we get more ice than snow…this storm coupled a good solid 12-hours of rain, then sleet, topping it all off with 12-inches of powdered snow!!! Good grief!!!!

I’m waiting for the temperatures to warm-up a bit before I go out and begin my driveway clearing today.  I got quite a bit done yesterday…12-inches deep in my driveway, that’s a lot of snow!!!!  As long as I am able to clear a path for my car by Monday morning, I’ll be fine.  I’ve got enough food and such to keep me warm and happy.  The only way all this could be better is if my drive-way was clear enough that clients could get here and have me session them.

So, here I sit…waiting for the ice and snow to melt.  The Oklahoma Christmas Blizzard of 2009 has saved me from experiencing all the family drama that ensues from holidays.  The Oklahoma Christmas Blizzard of 2009 has given me time to sit down and try and figure this WordPress Blog thing out a bit more…I’m such a creature of habit.  I prefer posting in my adult sex site blog than posting here…but, I need to expand, I need to venture forth and really learn how to work this blog, move off of the adult sex site and concentrate on other blog avenues…maybe even face a few realities that are eminent in my life!!

Time for that second cup of coffee…

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