Role Playing – The Seductress Boss and Employee…

I enjoyed playing the role of the stern Woman Boss to the lowly employee, willing to do ANYTHING to keep his job.

To set the scene: Ms. Linden (that would be “me!”) requested that Tom come by her house late this afternoon to discuss some problems at the office…i.e. to terminate him from employment. I dressed ready to head out on the town to a nice dinner with friends after I fired my employee. I was dressed in my black thigh highs, a black wrap around dress with a V-cut front, black slip, black front-closure bra and black high-heeled sandals. I had a strand of pearls and pearl earrings. I had my nails done in a deep red as well as a matching pedicure so, I was dressed to fit the part.


Tom arrived a little late. Obviously, he was nervous about why I had called this meeting.

“Tom, I want to go over some statistics with you about your performance levels,” I informed him as I showed him into my living room and had him take a seat on the leather chair.

“Yes, Ms. Linden. I thought my attendance record was one of the best. I…”

“I don’t want to hear how great your attendance has been, I want to know why your performance levels have fallen off dramatically in the last couple of weeks. Your job is on the line. I have to do some serious trimming of the fat around here and quite honestly, unless you can come up with some pretty good answers, I will have no choice but to fire you,” I told him in a very stern voice.

“Ma’am, I’m willing to do anything to keep my job,” Tom practically begged.

“Really, anything?” I asked. “I can think of a few ways you might be able to salvage your job.”

“Yes, Ms. Linden, I am willing to do ANYTHING you tell me to do, ANYTHING,” Tom said again.

“Okay, let’s see what you’re willing to do. Stand over there on the other side of the coffee table and take off all your clothes…completely, totally naked,” I instructed Tom.

Tom stood up and walked around the coffee table and then slowly began to undress. I leaned back on the sofa and placed one high-heeled foot on the coffee table allowing my dress to fall open exposing the top of my short black slip and the tops of my thigh high hose…sans panties. Tom was watching between my legs…

As Tom took off his underwear, his cock stood straight out at full attention.

“What are you looking at???” I commanded.
“You’re pussy, ma’am. I’ve always wondered what your pussy looked like. All the guys at the office want to know if you wear panties…and seeing you without panties and shaved bare…Oh my gawd, Ms. Linden…” Tom stammered.

“Turn around, let me see what you look like. I’m not going to promise you’ll get to keep your job but if you perform as I command, I may let you stay on a temporary basis. I can’t honestly justify a live sex toy on my payroll but I can be pretty creative when it comes to covering for a willing boy toy,” I told him. Tom turned around as I instructed.

I ordered him to stand still and I got up and walked up to him and got right in his face. I pinched his nipples and then reached down and began stroking his cock. He moaned and his knees began to quiver…

“Are you liking how I’m examining my potential toy?” I whispered to him…
“Yes, ma’am,” he replied.
“Good, you said you were willing to do anything, so I’m going to put you to the test…if you can eat my pussy like I like it and fuck me like I want it, then you might just secure your job until I tire of you,” I told him. I played with his cock some more, stroking it and then sucking on it…he moaned and groaned…

“Let’s go back here and see how you perform,” I told Tom and grabbed him by the cock and led him back to my bedroom.

Once back in my bedroom, I showed Tom where my “pussy eating” chair was located and how it was to be used by him when he eats my pussy. I then began to undress slowly, untying my wrap dress and having him watch…then instructing him to suck my tits when I released them from my black, front closure bra…he sucked each nipple and I felt my pussy juices begin to flow…I then took his hand and had him feel how hot my pussy was…

“Oh Ms. Linden, your pussy is so hot and wet,” he gasped.
“Yes, it is…now, I want you to sit in that chair and I’ll position myself just so here on the bed and I want you to eat my pussy. I’ve got my riding crop here in my hand and if you don’t do it just right, I’m going to whack you with the crop…do you understand, Tom?” I asked as I finished undressing, leaving my thigh highs and heels on. I sat back on my bed and positioned the study pillow behind me for support and then I spread and raised my legs so Tom had a perfect view of my freshly shaved pussy.

Tom then took his place in the chair and asked permission to begin eating my pussy. He started licking very, very gently all around my inner thighs and then lapping delicately at my pussy…oh, gawd it felt good and I made sure he knew he was doing a good job.

Next, I had Tom lick and tongue my asshole…then I got up on my hands and knees and commanded him to worship my ass properly…show me what a good “ass kisser” he really was…he licked and kissed all over my ass cheeks and then pulled my ass cheeks apart and licked at my tight little ass hole with his tongue…I was in heaven…he would lick down to my pussy and then back up my crack…I allowed him to do this several times before making him stop…I was already to have my first orgasm, but my gawd, it was too early in our scene to have this happen.

I commanded Tom get up on the bed on his back. I informed him that if he used his hands to touch me without permission, I would chain him up…he promised me he would follow my instructions and he would not have to be bound.

I lubed up my hands and began to work on his already hard as a rock cock. His hips began to thrust up into my hands…he was liking the cock massage…then I decided to suck on his cock…I did this until I could feel the little muscles on the insides of his thighs start to twitch…that’s one of the signs of a man getting close to cumming…so, I backed off.

I continued to work on Tom’s cock, placing the vibrating cock ring around his hard shaft, pushing it down to his balls…then I used my FUKU gloves to rub him all over…

I was so turned on, I decided it was time for him to lick my pussy until I came…I stood up on the bed and positioned myself over his face. I then placed my knees on the pillow on both sides of his head and lowered my pussy down to his face.

M. began licking and flicking his tongue on my delicate clit…he had me moaning and groaning in no time…I started fucking his face, getting closer and closer to my orgasm…I didn’t want to give in to it but the wave I was riding was about to come crashing over the edge…and it did…oh my goodness, I came in one of those full body orgasms…shuddering and twitching…rolling off my dear victim, Tom. He kept trying to touch me and I would push him away…I can’t stand to be touched for about 5 to 10 minutes after I have a full body orgasm…he was quite pleased with himself. I commended him for a job well done but that I was not through playing with him. He would leave when I was ready for him to leave.

After I had regained my composure, I set to seeing how to get Tom to cum. I worked his cock into another frenzy with my hands and decided it was time to climb aboard his hard cock…I placed a condom on his erection and climbed aboard…his hard cock felt so good, not too big, not too little…just right. I rode him until I could tell Tom was in a bit of distress. You see, Tom wasn’t used to being on the bottom and this was a first experience at being rode.  I recognized he was having trouble breathing and got off of him…talking to him to breath and relax…calm down…basically, he hyperventilated.  Once Tom had calmed down, I got between his legs and began playing, massaging, stroking his cock back to a full-blown erection.

I told Tom to close his eyes and concentrate on his cock…that it was all about his cock. I told him to breath in through his nose, out through his mouth…all the while I was moving my hands in a twisting motion, coupled with a slight up and down movement…it didn’t take Tom long for his cock to explode in my hands and explode it did!!!

Tom had a pretty big load of cum for me. I was thrilled, he was thrilled and for the time being, Tom. was going to keep his job with Ms. Linden’s company!!

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