The Enema Session…

Let me say that “The Enema Session” isn’t for just anyone…only those that truly enjoy some kink in their blog reading.

The friend that I scheduled for this afternoon is one of my guys that I see about every six months. I’ve been indulging in my hobby long enough to see the established patterns of some of the guys that I see.

Today’s agenda, my friend wanted to experience an “enema session.” Not a problem, I prepared our setting, placing my implements just right…I also put on my “nurse/doctor” outfit, everything in its place, I was ready for my dear patient.

My patient arrived and I showed him into the “exam room.” I instructed him to remove his clothes and to climb up on the exam table. While my patient was undressing and getting on the exam table, I went into the nearest bathroom and began to run the water, making sure the water in the enema bottle is the right temperature, is VERY important. Too cold can cause cramping, too hot, can cause scalding or burning…I got the temperature right where I wanted it and filled the enema bottle full.

My patient was now naked and laying on the exam table. His eyes grew big when he saw the hot, pink enema bottle. He watched as I hung it from the enema rank placed close to the exam table.

“Nurse Liza, what are all those instruments on that little table?” my patient asked somewhat worried that the steel instruments all lined up might be used on him.

“Oh, those are my anal dilators and cheek retractors. If I have trouble getting your asshole to loosen up, I will use those instruments to dilate your asshole,” I explained. My patient shivered. “Not to worry, my dear. If you do as I say, relax and breath, I shouldn’t have any trouble preparing your asshole to be converted into a man pussy.”

“There, now we’re already to begin your enema cleansing my dear. Get up on all fours, here, the TV pillow (this is also called a study pillow, just right for bending someone over to take advantage of their asshole/pussy and even cock and balls!!!) will allow you to be a bit more comfortable as you present you asshole to me for the insertion of the enema nozzle,” I instructed my patient.

My patient adjusted himself, assuming the position on all fours and then laying across the TV pillow. Once he established a comfortable position, I put on my exam gloves, lubed up the enema nozzle, then poured some lube on my patient’s asshole, working it in with my finger, then inserting my finger, giving him a little finger fuck. I talked to him in a quiet voice, asking him if he was comfortable, not too much discomfort as I prepared to insert the enema nozzle.

Very slowly so that my patient would get the full effect of the instrument sliding into his asshole and anal cavity…very effective for a virgin enema patient.

Once the nozzle was inserted, I opened the tubing to allow the warm water to fill my patient’s bowels. I set the clip on a tighter setting, I didn’t want to flood him out right off the bat. After he had started adjusting to the flow of warm water into his bowels, I continued to check on him, making sure he was all right as I proceeded to open the enema line a couple more notches.

I watched as my patient would clench his ass cheeks as his bowels became full…I would move the enema nozzle every so often, a small in-out motion, asking him if he was terribly uncomfortable.

“No, Nurse Liza, I’m good,” he would reply. My patient is a runner and very disciplined in his work-outs, as well as very in-tune with his body. I always enjoy hearing of his training and workouts…this afternoon was a true test to his ability to get on top of what was happening to him.

The enema bottle was getting emptied, I would squeeze it from the top working it down to make sure the water was all flowing into my patient’s bowels…slowly but surely it emptied. I removed the nozzle and instructed my patient to hold the warm water as long as he could.

I lubed up my hands and began to work his limp cock…which quickly grew in my hands. I like to make my hands very juicy with the lubricant, making sensual, sloppy sex sounds as I worked his cocks in my hands.

My patient would moan every now and then…I would work his cock, first slow and gently, then a little firmer, harder…then gentle again…every now and then I would press into his abdomen right above his cock, working the water around in his bowels…I could hear him draw in a breath, letting it out very slowly…his cock great very hard in my hands…I loved how responsive his cock was even with a full bowel!!

My patient held the water in his bowels for a good 10-minutes…his raging hard-on made it very difficult to really continue much further.

“Nurse Liza, may I go to the rest room and expel?” my patient finally asked.
“Yes, you may,” I told him. “You need to get up very slowly, that’s it…now, easy does it, watch your step as you go into the bathroom. Leave the door open, I want to be sure you’re all right.”

My patient shuffled into the bathroom and quickly placed himself on the toilet. It didn’t take him long to let loose…I knew he would be humiliated having to leave the bathroom door open, but that’s part of the scene, that’s the humility that my patient was seeking…he continued to expel for about 5-minutes. He was surprised at how draining the expelling process was…I waited patiently in the exam room. Asking if he was okay and checking on him upon occasion.

I assured my patient that this was the normal process and one does not realize how draining the emptying of the enema really was…a few more flushes and my patient was ready to return to the exam room.

I insisted he lay on the bed. I had placed a towel on the small, iron bed in the exam room. My patient gingerly laid down on the bed.

“When you’ve rested a bit more, I’ll perform the second enema…”

“Nurse Liza, I don’t think I’m up to a second enema, that first one was more than I expected…could I request that you perform more of the hand job you were providing me before I went to expel?” my patient asked, almost begging.

“Oh course, my dear!! It was a bit more than you expected, wasn’t it?” I asked.
“Yes, ma’am,” he replied.

“That’s fine. Just lay here and let Nurse Liza tend to your limp cock,” I told him.

My patient closed his eyes as I lubed up my hands again…I began to work his cock-meat with my hands. That juicy-sex noise added to the moment. My patient was soon breathing to enhance his cock massage…his cock grew hard, harder…I knew it wouldn’t take long as I increased the pressure of my hands…working my hands in a twisting motion from side-to-side and then up and down, alternating between gentle pressure and then more pressure…

I felt my patient’s body tense and knew to keep the pressure intense, hold it there, hold it…and just like that my patient was ready…

“Nurse Liza, may I please cum?” my patient asked.

“Yes, you may,” I replied. Cum my patient did, it big gooey globs of jism. I milked his cock till he was too tender to be touched any more.

My job was done, the stress from my patient now relieved!! Nurse Liza recommends another appointment in six months!!!

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