Another Sensual Sensory Deprivation Session…

The Sensory Deprivation session is one of my favorites. While the same tactics are used in each scenario, the directions the scene takes is as unique as the individuals participating.

My “victim” of yesterday was a delight. He arrived in a timely fashion. We introduced ourselves, talked a bit and then it was time to get started. He wanted a 2-hour session…this is a lot of erotic, sensory stimulation to go through while your sight is deprived.

I had my victim strip naked in the living room and then set to inspecting his naked body. I had placed a leather blindfold over his eyes, then the leather bondage mitts and leather ankle cuffs.

The inspection process can be a real turn on, by both the victim and myself. I love to look and touch my victim, running my hands all over his naked body…I see how responsive his cock is to my hands, my breath…then I see how responsive his nipples are to my touch, my pinching, rubbing…then I “glove up” and pull his ass cheeks apart to inspect his asshole/manpussy!!

I enjoy seeing how my victim responds when I pull his ass cheeks apart. A man is usually experiences all manners of strange feelings during this part of the examination. In most of my victims, it is something very new. While they may have had their asshole touched by a woman’s fingers, very seldom has a woman taken the time to really look at his ass, much less his asshole!! Quite a humbling and yes, humiliating experience for most…I love it!!!

I lube up a finger of one of my gloved hands and begin to probe at the tight little hole…again, it is interesting to see the physical response of my victim…I usually ask how it feels to them, do they feel somewhat violated…yesterday’s victim said it was a new, strange sensation…yes, he felt a bit violated but it excited him.

After the examination, I take my victim to the bedroom, to my king-sized bed…not always. This depends on the direction I’m going to take the scene/session…if it is to be a true sensual experience, the bedroom is the best…if it’s going to be a more physical, disciplinary scene, I use a different bedroom that is a bit more harsh in the set up.

Yesterday’s scene took place in my bedroom…I love how my victim is completely and totally at my mercy when it comes to using the blindfold…the victim has to rely totally and completely on me…especially when going from the living room to the bedroom. If the victim has never been in my house, he has no idea where he is being led.

To the bedroom we went. I placed my victim at the foot of the bed, facing the bed and instructed him to crawl up on all fours to the towel in the middle of the bed and turn over placing his ass on the towel and his head on the pillow. He did as he was instructed, I watched him carefully and assured him he would not fall, that the bed was a king-sized bed, lots of room and the towel was in the center of the bed. He did as instructed…once he was on his back, I set to putting the chains on the hand mitts and ankle cuffs. There he was spread eagle and again, completely at my mercy.

My victim said this was a new, interesting sensation…to be rendered without the ability to reciprocate in touch. Of course, this is the point of sensory deprivation…deprivation of the site and use of touch. I find that the victim is amazed at how much more aware of what I’m doing to him becomes…every sound, every touch is magnified a bit more than normal.

I set to playing with my victim’s cock. I wanted to see how well the cock responded to all that I was doing to it…my victim was concerned that he might suffer from some erectile dysfunction but his cock was responding great, from the moment he got naked he had some form of erection going on…it may not have been a raging hard-on but for the most part, there was a semi-erection going at all times. His cock responded well to my touch and I set to massaging his cock, lubing up my hands and working it gently at first and then more aggressive…then I gloved up again, lubing up my finger and began to play with his asshole while I played with his cock…I love to watch the victim respond when I pour the lube on his balls and down his taint so that it runs to his asshole…I lube up my finger really well before beginning to finger-fuck my victim.

My victim responded in a favorable way to my finger invasion and soon, he was whimpering, moaning and groaning…which I got the impression surprised him, he was turned on by the anal play I was introducing him to…excellent by me. I then brought one of my vibrating, remote controlled vibrators to the scene…I placed a condom over the little probe, lubed it up and played at his asshole with it before beginning to insert into his asshole, which I informed him, I was now transforming his asshole into his manpussy!! My victim was quite receptive of the direction I was taking him.

It didn’t take me long to have the little toy completely inside of him. The toy is on a remote control wire and with the coverage of the condom, the wire is even protected and the victim is protected…I then turned the vibrator up full force…my victim was wiggling, squirming and loving what I was doing to him…I then began to talk dirty to him, telling him what a naughty, nasty little slut he was, that his asshole was now MY manpussy, that he looked so slutty getting his manpussy fucked…he was quick to agree and begged me to do whatever I wanted to my little slut.

I set to stimulating my victim with other stimuli…my FUKU gloves are always an interesting sensation…I put both gloves on and turn on the buzzing little vibrators that are throughout the fingers of the glove. I then run my gloved hands all over the victim’s body, taking my time, concentrating on several different erogenous areas, seeing how the victim responds…my victim enjoyed having his cock massaged with the FUKU gloves while the little anal vibrator hummed away…I would turn the anal vibrator up and down in speed…my victim round himself whimpering upon occasion, something he later told me he had never done…amazing how that works, huh? Mistress Elizabeth gets a hold of you and you’ll be begging Mistress to do things to you that you never thought would come out of your mouth, much less admit that you’ve ever thought about doing!!!

I use ice upon occasion on my victim, mostly to wet the lips, let the victim know that I am paying attention and don’t want his mouth to get too dry…I rub the ice on his nipples, which is always a strange sensation and then, last by not least, I rub the ice on his cock and balls…in this case, I rubbed it on his asshole/manpussy…which calms the stretching anal tissue that might be a little irritated being stretched for the first time…

I usually take off my dress or outfit at some point because I’m hot from assuming various positions in my torture efforts…I like how the victim responds when he feels my naked body touching him…this is always interesting to watch because the first reaction is for the victim to want to touch what it touching him…ahhh, I love when a victim struggles to touch this Mistress and his frustration when he is unable to do so!!!

I lick, suck and kiss various parts of my victim’s body…I tease and sensually torture my victim, sucking on his cock getting him to where his hips start bucking up to fuck my mouth…then I remove my mouth and watch as his hips continue to move up and down…this victim whimpered when I would take whatever I was stimulating his cock with, away…it was fun and inspiring to say the least…

I was so hot and juicy I decided it was time to introduce my victim to one of my favorite positions, which is the victim spread-eagle chained on the bed while Mistress straddles his face and instructs him on how to eat her pussy!!! I inform my victim that if he doesn’t lick my pussy just right, I will swat his cock with my hand and I provide the painful demonstration to such…the victim jumped at the shock of the swat of my hand on his hard and sensitive cock and declared he would do his best…excellent…then I place my pussy where he can lick my pussy like I want it…I then took to sucking his cock…which he would get so confused and start fucking my mouth like crazy and then going wild with his mouth and tongue…much too hard for my liking and swat…this assures the victim that I’m serious, a couple of whacks to the cock and my victim took special care to licking my pussy.

I could feel my juices flowing and I commented on my victim’s technique…he was doing a great job and it didn’t take me long to fall over that edge into my own orgasm…oh, the fabulous feeling of sexual ecstasy!!! I rolled off of my victim, catching my breath and regaining my composure.

My victim enjoyed hearing my panting and cooing after my orgasm…once I caught my breath, I turned my attention to bringing that same sexual fulfillment to him that he had provided me with his wicked tongue!!

I placed myself between his legs, my legs underneath his…I had removed the little vibrating anal plug and after having used a bigger vibrator on his ass, he was finding his manpussy a little sore…so, I placed the little vibrator at the opening of his manpussy but not in it…then I placed the vibrating cock-ring down his cock tickling his balls and set to performing one of my incredible hand jobs…

It didn’t take my victim long to find himself fucking my hands, I tightened my grip and stroked faster, harder…and soon my victim was begging me to let him cum…not so fast…just a little longer, hold off…that’s it…I backed off of my strokes and then after I saw he wasn’t in danger of cumming too quickly, I started it all again, this time a little more intense…and sure enough, he was back begging me to let him cum…permission granted!!!!

And cum my victim did!!! His cock erupted in a major orgasm…he came hard and I squeezed his cock from the base pulling upward to make sure I got every drop of his jism…mission accomplished!!! Another happy victim!!!!


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