How’s the Financial Diet Coming?

I’m struggling with the financial diet.  I am slowly but surely climbing out of the financial hole that I dug myself into.  I’m far from being “good”…but, I’m trying, I’m working on getting my credit cards paid off.

It is difficult to admit that I’m a shop-a-holic…but, I am.  Plain and simple.  I am working on cutting up all my credit cards but one or two.  I’m still trying to decide which two I can and will keep and which ones are done, closed and cut-up.

Yes, I have to cut-up the credit cards.  Do you know how painful that is?  Do you know how difficult that is?

I blame no one but myself.  I’ve been self-indulgent and careless in my spending habits.  I don’t like that I haven’t had the discipline to say “no” to myself…but, it is imperative that I do so now.

I’ve made several “have to’s” that I will abide by until I dig out of this mess…I will only shop with cash.  For some reason, I think more about what I’m doing and purchasing when I have to use cash.

I’ve got a long ways to go, but maybe it will stick this time.  I feel like I’m such a failure at times but then I pick myself up and move forward…always moving forward…

Optimally, I would love to find a very rich man to help me out of my dilemma…okay, hard core reality, that’s a bit of a fairy tale that more than likely won’t come true…I laugh at myself because I think, hey, I could fuck him as much as he wanted if he would pay off all of my current debts…maybe he would even buy me a really incredible sports car to drive…maybe I would even wear a couple of diamonds and such…

And then I realize, if I cleaned up my tendencies to indulge myself, I could afford to buy my own sports car…I could afford to buy my own diamonds.

How’s the financial diet coming?  It’s coming, it’s a continual work in progress!

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