He Wants More Of Me…

I have mixed emotions about one of my newer clients.  He wants romance and a “connection” to be a part of our time together.  Okay, but how much more do you want of me?

I thoroughly enjoyed our first time together.  Okay, so he was a bit more rough than I enjoy…he did fuck me good with my favorite vibrator.  I liked that he couldn’t decide if he wanted me to suck his cock dry or cover him with a condom and ride him to his climax…

I loved how he sucked on my nipples as he fucked me with my toy…I was in erotic heaven with that solid tool fucking my soaking wet pussy…I was able to let go and thoroughly enjoy our naughty, nasty play.

My friend travels extensively for his job, his work…he’s been out of town, out of state a lot this summer, so much for getting together at least, once a month.

I got the impression from the couple of e-mails I’ve had from him that he would enjoy me wanting him more…wanting to see him more…I understand what he wants…but can I provide that sensual connection he craves?

He wants to see me during the work day…maybe I can take an extended lunch…but planning is essential…I simply can’t decide to take a long lunch one day and be gone for several hours…he can’t predict when he’ll be in town…I can’t be that spontaneous.

He wants more of me…I’m not sure I can deliver.

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