I’m finding it difficult to become sexually inspired lately. I’ve had tons of offers to engage in sex for the sake of sex and for several reasons, this simply doesn’t appeal to me.

I do find it interesting that there are quite a few men out there in this big ol’world that really believe they are a gal’s gift to the greatest sex ever and I should be falling all over myself to want to engage in the greatest sex ever, but it’s simply not working for me, there’s no inspiration.

I do know what works for me, what inspires me…I realize I’ve become quite narrow-minded about the inspirational factor…but in all honesty, if the inspiration isn’t there, I can’t give any imaginative thought to the whole process. I can’t create a sex scene if I have no inspiration.

I do realize that some men require a visual inspiration…I have no problem providing a visual inspiration. Be that visual inspiration in the form of a pic or two or an interview meeting in a public setting providing the face-to-face, as well as the chemistry inspiration, I’m fine with providing those forms of “visual” inspiration…however, in order to continue, I must have the inspiration that I want and seek…

What does it take to sexually inspire you?

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