The Interview…

I decided to meet him on the spur of the moment…a “spontaneous” interview meeting.   Why not?  I would still make it to  dinner if I only stayed the designated hour.

I informed him of the place, time and what I wanted to drink…I got around and made my way through the traffic to the restaurant I had chosen.

He was sitting there on the patio waiting for me.  He is a good looking man, better than I had hoped…some are such ogres…he had a nice smile.  I introduced myself though there was no need, I had to be The Mature Sex Goddess he had been hoping to meet…and there I was, the live-and-in-person version!

I sipped my tea as he sipped his red wine, he ordered some spinach-stuffed mushrooms and we chatted, getting to know one another.

So, what happened to the “other” gal?  The gal that was all that you had hoped and perfect for what you had in mind?  Oh my, busted, huh?  There was no other gal…interesting.  I smiled…I already knew there was no other gal, but I wanted him to admit it.

He would touch my arm, then touch my leg…his ankle pushed against my foot…he was very touchy, feely…I reciprocated upon occasion…I wanted to show I was interested…

Well, am I what you were hoping?  He grinned and said, yes.  Good, then we’ll work towards making a date and time to get together and get naked…

I enjoyed our interview, the hint of sexual stirrings…I could also sense the desperation to connect, for him to connect on a sensual, sexual basis…he had been without for too long…I will enjoy taking him to my bed and having him please me…he declared his desire to please and pleasure, my pleasure before his…I wouldn’t have it any other way.

‘Till we meet again…I think the interview went quite well, don’t you?

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