Sessioning My dear subbie…

I just realized that I haven’t posted about my session last night with my “dear subbie.” I can honestly say, I truly enjoy sessioning this particular submissive…he’s taken to his submissive role in a most fabulous way. Last night, I placed dear subbie’s initial session instructions on the door leading into my garage. I knew it would catch him by surprise, though I’ve threatened to make him undress on my patio before…I made good on it this time. He was to strip naked on my patio, neatly fold his clothes and ring the door bell. I could see dear subbie come to the door, read the instructions and then slowly begin to undress. He looked around and then quickly got right to getting totally naked. I went to the garage door and waited until he rang the bell. dear subbie entered my garage and immediately went down on his knees. What a delightful submissive!!! I told him to get up and permission was granted for him to look me directly in the eye…I then escorted him into the house and we got right to our scene. I had dear subbie put on the full bondage hood and then I put the leather hand mitts and leather ankle restraints. Next, I had dear subbie bend over and put his hands on my leather ottoman while I put on my surgical gloves to give his man pussy (asshole) a good look…I had instructed him to give himself an enema so that he would be clean should I decide to subject him to some anal training. dear subbie gasped as I spread his ass cheeks…gawd, I love to see how sensitive dear subbie is when we session. He’s so responsive to my every touch, my every swat with the riding crop…I fingered his man pussy before having him get on the coffee table, on display. I love to stroke dear subbie’s cock, which is always fully erect when he comes to me!! I played with dear subbie while he was on display on my coffee table, rubbing my fingers on his erect nipples, stroking his cock-meat…then it was time to move on to more serious play…I led him by the cock to the playroom where I had him bed over the bed while I inserted my smallest butt plug. dear subbie gasped and whimpered as I pushed the plug all the way in…then I had him get up on the bed on his hands and knees while I milked his cock and balls a bit…I told him to hold that butt plug inside of his man pussy…oh, how humiliating for dear subbie… I then, told dear subbie to get on his back while I snapped the chains onto his wrists and ankles. I didn’t waste any time…I took my Fuku massaging gloves and began to run them all over dear subbie’s body…I took my time when I grasped his cock-meat with the gloves…he begged Mistress to stop, that I was driving him crazy…I love it when dear subbie calls Mistress a Bitch!!! Oh yes, Mistress is, indeed, a Bitch with a capital “B!” I continued my sensual, sexual torture of dear subbie…I put the vibrating cock-ring around his hard cock and would turn it up and down, making dear subbie beg me to stop…then I took one of my vibrating butt plugs and took the small butt plug out of dear subbie before inserting the vibrating butt plug…turning both the cock ring and butt plug up and full force at the same time…dear subbie began to tell me how much he wanted to be my little bitch, my little slut…oh yes, I knew he would come around…he would see how degrading but how exciting it was to be taken and done without any power to stop me…I took one of my strap-on dildos and held it to his lips. “Lick and suck this rubber cock…this is what I’m going to eventually fuck you with, dear subbie!” I laughed at dear subbie’s reactions…it was so delightful to see him twist and turn, thrashing about trying to get away but then wanting me to do more…how delicious to say the least. I continued to torture dear subbie in this manner for about 15-minutes before I decided it was time for dear subbie to service this Mistress the way I love for him to do so…I undid dear subbie’s chains, took the leather hand mitts off of him…then led him by the cock-meat to my bedroom. I then took the leather ankle cuffs off of him and the full bondage hood. I got on my king-sized bed and ordered dear subbie to worship my pussy like I like it!!! dear subbie wasted no time getting on the bed between my legs…my hot, swollen, wet pussy waited for those first feathery licks from dear subbie…and lick dear subbie did!!! I could feel my juices flowing freely, dear subbie had learned well how to lick and suck Mistress’ pussy. dear subbie pleasured and pleased this Mistress until I could stand it no more and ordered dear subbie to get up and fuck me, fuck me with his hard cock…and he did just that…I ordered him to give me the full measure of his hard cock, give me that load you’ve got boiling in your balls!!! It didn’t take long until dear subbie and this Mistress were covered in the waves of our orgasm…cum we did…it was fabulous!! I just love the way dear subbie delivers when Mistress commands!!! Another delightful session with MY dear subbie!!!!

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