Sensual, Sensory Deprivation…

I love to blindfold a man and strip him naked. Not having the use of his sight, then chaining him to my iron bed, spread-eagle, just thrills me to no end. I can do whatever I want to his naked body…I can touch him all over his body…I can play with his cock, make it hard as a rock, put ice on it, suck on it, massage it every which way I can manage…I can attach toys to it, tickle it with a feather…there is no end to what I can do with a man’s cock when he’s rendered helpless!!

I love to place my pussy over a blindfold man’s mouth…lick my pussy, lick it like I like it…yes, just like that…very nice…yes, that’s it…can you taste my juices? My pussy lips are so swollen and full…

I love to watch a man’s body twitch and contract as the way I’m massaging his cock makes his body move involuntary or is he trying to get away from my wicked grip? I love to step away, stand there in silence and watch him…then touch him on the leg or pinch one of his nipples…the surprise of my finger is awesome to say the least…and so, I take what I want, teasing and tempting till the man begs me to let him cum…no, not yet…no…no…I run an ice cube over the head of his cock and then down under his balls…the urge to cum passes and we start again…how many times will I do this? How many times will I get him close and then back off? Tick toc, Tick toc…I can’t stand it any longer…the hard cock glistening with the lubricant I’ve been using to massage it with my hands is begging me to straddle it, take it in my hot, wet pussy…I want to watch his cock explode in my hands, but at the same time, I want to feel his cock explode inside of my pussy…hmmmmm shall I jack him off with my hands or shall I straddle him and ride him till we both get off?????

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