My Naughty, Nasty Birthday Party!

Once again, my dear swinging friends in OKC hosted another fabulous Naughty, Nasty Birthday Celebration for Moi!!

There were a few new faces in the mix, that’s always fun…and then the dear friends that I’ve enjoyed so much over the last 8-years!! I’ve been in the swinging lifestyle 8-years!! I have to admit, I have loved every minute of this lifestyle and look forward to many more…I was a bit amused at the new folks that I met…I had viewed one gal’s profile and read her blog, she’s not what I had envisioned but I’m sure I’m not what folks envision either when they meet me in person. It was fun to see commonalities in folks and then see how far apart some of us are on interests and lifestyles…

I got my pussy eaten several times…I got to play with my fabulous gal pals…I lusted after the most incredible pairs of tits…I definitely have “tit envy!” Having an inverted left nipple, I simply lust after perfectly formed, perky-tipped nipples…they are so suckable, lickable, pinchable!!! There is nothing like the softness of a woman…not that I crave women, I still consider myself “situationally” bi-female…however, I do love my gal pals in our intimate, little group!!

I got fucked by several fabulous gentlemen…hard cocks are always such a fantastic treat!! I can honestly say my pussy got a GOOOOOOD sex workout!!! There is nothing more liberating that sitting out on our friends’ deck in the middle of the city, talking and joking the night away…

I did enjoy performing one of my Lingham massages on one of the naked men sitting next to me…I was pretty much fucked out by the naked gal sitting on the other side of him start drooling over the hard-on my wicked hands had worked up…let’s just say B. couldn’t wait to sit on that lubricant shiny, hard cock-meat…what a sexy show right there on the deck under the partly-cloudy May night sky!!

There was luscious carrot-cake birthday cake…food, drink, chocolate and strawberries… I love getting birthday cards and I received several really funny ones…I got a beautiful bouquet of pink roses…gawd, they smell so wonderful!!! I got a Naked Yoga and Tai Chi video, some new Spearmint flavored Kama Sutra female enhancement gel…a fun new coffee cup with a handcuff as the handle…presents are never required at my birthday parties but I always get some of the best presents!! What can I say, I had another great birthday celebration!!! Thanks to all of you that helped make it another great party!!

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