Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Yes, even The Mature Sex Goddess quietly celebrates Mother’s Day.  I am a mother of three, productive adult children.  It has been a long road to where they again, acknowledge they have a mother.  When I left their father about 10-years ago, they blamed me for bringing down their-so-called happy life.

I am blamed for breaking out of the “lie” and out on my own…20-years is a long time to live a lie.  Well, not all of it was a lie, just most of it.  I did my best to live the life, raise my children the best I could as a single mom in a lop-sided marriage…but enough was enough…I didn’t want to wake-up when I was 60-years-old and be a bitter, angry old woman, old before my time!!!

And so, I was excommunicated from what I had called my family from their conception through to adulthood.  Time does heal, though things will never be what they were…not that I want them to ever be like that again…I want my children to know that I am proud of them…they live their lives for themselves, not for me, not for anyone else, though they still have a lot to learn and different directions to choose…I just want them to know that I love them and will always be here for them, should they ever need me.

I am mindful of my own mother who died a little over a year ago…this is the second Mother’s Day without my mother and for some reason, I find myself missing her more this year than last.  The tears flowed freely when I happened onto a picture of my mother holding my granddaughter, her great-granddaughter…I miss my mom.

So, even The Mature Sex Goddess celebrates Mother’s Day in a most normal of ways!!!  Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!!!

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