Let me massage your…

Prostate. Let me massage your prostate while I perform a Lingham massage…breath deep, in through your nose, out through your mouth…close your eyes, relax…yes, that’s it…oh my, your cock is so hard…I think you might be liking the stroke of my hand…and the finger that is working it’s way ever so gently into your asshole…easy easy…lots of lubricant on both hands…amazing how easily my finger goes in, deeper, deeper…yes, let yourself go… And so our hour went, how many times did I bring you to the brink and back off? How many times did I make your cock dance in a steel-blue erection? Finally, yes, finally, I took it from you, I took that orgasm from your very depths…you came with such ferocity…I’ll thoroughly enjoyed watching your body, your cock respond to my ministrations… Did you enjoy your Lingham coupled with a prostate massage?

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