Detention Mistress…

oday’s session involved a bad student/Mistress of Detention scenario.

The naughty student arrived for detention right on time.  The student found a dictionary with a pad of paper on the table.  Two words were on the paper for him to look up in the dictionary.

The naughty student had shared earlier that he had “heard” about the Mistress of Detention…oh, really?  And what had the naughty student heard?

Something about Mistress had strapped the naughty student’s friend to her desk and rode his cock like one of those bull-riding machines. Detention Mistress had a good laugh on that one.

Detention Mistress took her riding crop and commanded the naughty student to sit down and look up the words on the paper and read out loud the definitions.

The naughty student hesitated which brought a whack of her crop on his leg.  Embarrassed? Surely you jest?  Typical jock, all talk and no go…or maybe there were other tendencies underneath all that bravado exterior?

Detention Mistress then had the naughty student stand and drop his pants…again, the naughty student hesitated…again he got a whack of the riding crop on his thigh.  He flinched and cried out as though it really did hurt…drama queen.  Again Detention Mistress commanded the naughty student drop his drawers.  This time, the naughty student complied.  His youthful cock sprung out instantly in a full-blown erection.  Detention Mistress grabbed a hold of the hard cock-meat and held it tightly in her hand.

“Oh, Mistress, this is so wrong.  Johnny told me you were a sex-crazed bitch, but I had no idea,” the naughty student told Detention Mistress.
“Oh, really?  A sex-crazed bitch, huh?  You have no idea…I’ve only just begun your detention training!” Detention Mistress laughed taking the leather ankle cuffs and then the leather hand mitts and quickly putting them in place…”Step out of your shorts…you naughty, nasty boy…look at you, you’re so turned on and your cock-meat is leaking pre-cum….hmmmmmm, Mistress wonders if you have a large load of hot cum boiling in your balls?”

“Oh, Mistress,” the naughty student sighed.  He closed his eyes as if he was embarrassed to be the object of Mistress’ fun.  Detention Mistress then placed a blindfold on the naughty student and yanked him by his hard cock-meat back to her “secret” room in which she took naughty, nasty detention students.

“Where are you taking me Detention Mistress?  This is so wrong on so many levels.  I can’t believe a teacher in this school is allowed to molest students like this,” the naughty student whined.
This incurred another couple of whacks with the Detention Mistress’ crop on his now bare thigh…he flinched and whined in pain.
“Am I going to have to put the ball gag in your mouth?” Detention Mistress asked.
“No, ma’am,” the naughty student replied.
“Good, do not speak unless spoken to,” Detention Mistress commanded.

The naughty student was pulled along by his hard cock-meat in the hands of the Detention Mistress.  He heard a door open and was pulled into yet another room…he stepped cautiously, not sure what to expect or where Detention Mistress was taking him.

Then she stopped and shoved him hard which he fell slightly onto what felt like a bed.  Detention Mistress whacked his ass and told him to climb up on the bed, lay on his back.  He quickly obeyed…and soon Detention Mistress had clicked his leather bonds into chains, where he found himself naked and chained spread eagle to an iron bed.

Detention Mistress then removed the blindfold.
“Detention Mistress, I don’t think this is right,” he stammered.  Detention Mistress lubed up her hands and began stroking his already steel hard erection.  He closed his eyes and turned his head away from the Detention Mistress.

“Oh my, what an odd naughty fellow you are…doesn’t that feel good?  Come on, tell Detention Mistress you don’t like her stroking your cock-meat,” Detention Mistress laughed as she worked both of her hands around and around his hard man-meat. Detention Mistress watched the naughty student’s bodily reactions…his toes curling in hopes of preventing any detection that he was enjoying what Detention Mistress was doing with her hands.

“Oh, Detention Mistress, please, this isn’t right,” the naughty student begged.  Detention Mistress only laughed and continued playing with the naughty student’s cock-meat.

Detention Mistress took her time, using various vibrating devices, as well as lotions and gels…at one time the naughty student’s hips were bucking up to meet Detention Mistress’ hands and strokes…

“You know you aren’t allowed to cum without permission,” Detention Mistress hissed at the naughty student.
“You are a crazy bitch!  I won’t cum, how embarrassing would that be?  Are you so sex-crazed you have to prey on young men to get your jollies?” the naughty student moaned.  Detention Mistress just laughed and continued her ministrations…

It wasn’t long until Detention Mistress grew warm in her dress and pulled it over her head to reveal her black bra and black thigh high stockings.  The naughty student couldn’t help but stare at this Dominant Woman who controlled his cock in her hands.

“What are you looking at, you naughty boy?  Have you not seen a half-naked woman before?  Surely you and your little cheerleader girlfriend get naked and play nasty, Detention Mistress asked the naughty student.

The naughty student turned his head quickly away from Detention Mistress…Detention Mistress just laughed and played with his cock some more…twisting and turning her hands, first hard and fast, then slow and gentle…

Detention Mistress was growing hot and wet watching as she worked the naughty students cock-meat…his pre-cum was leaking from the eye of his cock…Detention Mistress wondered what it would be like to climb on top of that hard piece of meat and ride it, just like the naughty student’s friend had described he was ridden by this same Detention Mistress.

Detention Mistress couldn’t stand it any longer…she got up and placed herself over the naughty student’s hard cock, ready to impale herself…

“Detention Mistress, what are you doing?” the naughty student exclaimed looking up to view Detention Mistress’ hot, wet pussy hovering over the head of his cock.

“What do you think I’m doing?  I’m going to fuck the Hell out of you, just like your friend told you I did to him!!!” Detention Mistress laughed as she lowered herself ever so slowly down onto his throbbing cock…
“Ohhhhhhh, Mistress, your pussy is so hot!, You’re so wet!!! You’re so TIGHT!!!!” the naughty student exclaimed as he wiggled and writhed under the Detention Mistress.  Detention Mistress then began working her pussy up and down the hard shaft of the naughty student…
“I’m going to make myself cum on your cock, my juices will run down your shaft and onto your balls…can you feel me gripping your cock with my pussy muscles?  Doesn’t that feel good, you naughty boy?” Detention Mistress laughed as she rode the naughty student’s hard cock…it didn’t take Detention Mistress long to ride the naughty student’s hard cock to a good, hard orgasm…Detention Mistress started yelling and screaming as she fucked the naughty student hard and fast…her pussy working him…and he couldn’t hold back any longer…he started cumming, screaming and yelling as his hot load of cum shot deep into the Detention Mistress.

Detention Mistress rode the naughty student until he begged her to stop…his limp cock falling out of her hot, steaming pussy…

Detention Mistress got up off of the bed, unlatched the links on the chains.

“There you big whiny baby, I got what I wanted, you’re DISMISSED!!!”

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