Day 3 of Vacation…

The Mature Sex Goddess has entered Day 3 of the first half of her vacation days.  The second half of the vacation that I’m taking will be done the last week of May, with my birthday being a National Holiday (Memorial Day) on Monday the 25th, which I consider a “free” day because the office will already be closed on that Monday…my other vacation days for the month of May will be May 26th through May 29th.  I’ve already had a couple of rests to session during that week during…will be interesting to see if any of those desiring a daytime session will show…that’s always one of the drawbacks of my hobby, inconsistency in clients.

I have another session scheduled for this morning.  I’m looking forward to taking this client and helping him relax and get some stress relief…he is seeking a basic blindfold, sensual bondage, Lingham massage, coupled with a little prostate massaging…it will be easy enough to accomplish…if I recall correctly, this client has a very nice sized cock, very fuckable…oh yes, this Mistress gets hers, as well as helps the client get his!!

Then I’m off to lunch with a friend…a nice leisure lunch at a restaurant I’ve never visited…yes, venturing forth to try something new…different for me, for sure.

I have other issues swirling around in my head.  It seems as though I’ve gone and pissed off my youngest brother and his wife.  They haven’t taken my calls for two days now because I didn’t drop everything and come and take my dad to the VA.  Our dad has an appointment at the VA next week, Thursday, which I felt I could accomplish everything I need to accomplish at that time with Dad cooperating.  Dad is all for me going with him to the doctor, which will make it easier.  If I tried to take him now, he would be mad and obstinate…that would definitely make it harder for me…so, I’m now an outcast, which really bothers me, hurts me, angers me…but I can’t change that and if they don’t want to talk to me, so be it.

I feel bad that I haven’t done what they want me to do but I also have to grab the opportunities to make a little extra when I can…I am a single income family.  I have no one to help me out of my financial predicaments but myself, which I accept full responsibility for myself…still, I feel bad that they are mad at me and don’t want to speak with me.

Being ignored stirs up all manners of feelings.  I miss my mother even more, I get aggravated that she died and left us Dad to take care of…Mom and Dad together were a VERY co-dependent feeding frenzy and the two of them together did make a whole…guess that’s the scary part.  Then I get very frustrated because Dad refuses to start getting on with his life.  He’s depressed, he’s socially challenged, he doesn’t take care of himself, his health is precarious, he simply acts like a bad child…he doesn’t want to move on or get better…he’s angry at Mom, more so of late, which is normal…I keep thinking that this whole scenario is straight out of the movie About Schmidt with Jack Nicholson…it is about a man that has lived his whole life in pretty much of a cocoon and suddenly finds himself alone and trying to deal with life without his life partner…that’s my dad.   I understand the frustration of my brother and sister-in-law, I simply don’t have the answers or resolutions to this situation.  They live in the same town he lives in, I can’t do anything about that…I live in another town, which I know, out of sight, out of mind, but I do have it all on my mind…

I get aggravated when I think of this Sunday being Mother’s Day.  I don’t have a mother…I am a mother of three productive adults…amazing how far we’ve all come.  I am proud of my kids…

Time for me to get moving along and start preparing for my 10:00 a.m. session.

More to come/cum from The Mature Sex Goddess…

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