Day 2 of Vacation

Yes, even The Mature Sex Goddess takes some vacation time…which poses the question of, what is vacation time for The Mature Sex Goddess?

Unfortunately, I will not be jetting off to the Mediterranean to lay on a beautiful, white sanded beach and sip fruity drinks all day long while a cabana boy waits on me hand and foot…I won’t be traveling to a big city to catch all the cultural happenings that can and do happen in big cities like Dallas and Chicago…

No, The Mature Sex Goddess finds herself taking vacation days from the “day job” which pays the big bills and provides health insurance…basically, The Mature Sex Goddess uses her vacation days to tend to her crop of gentlemen that she entertains from time to time, only during the actual work week days.  I usually entertain only in the evenings during the work week…then I see a few of my “friends” over the course of the days on Saturday and Sunday.

Let’s just say that The Mature Sex Goddess will keep her day job so that she’s able to afford her nice house, car and various assortment of other ameneties and entertaining men will provide for the little extras that The Matures Sex Goddess enjoys.

The Matures Sex Goddess knows good and well that there simply isn’t enough interest and business for her to take this “second job” seriously and as her sole and complete income.  Way too precarious for my liking.  I have to have some sort of consistency in my life and thus, I will be keeping the day job as long as I can…unless, of course, that rare, filthy rich gentleman comes along and sweeps The Mature Sex Goddess off of her feet and into a fabulously pampered life of the rich and famous…what a fairy tale, huh?

Yesterday, Day 1 of The Mature Sex Goddess’ Vacation, I was able to enjoy an impromptu session with a new submissive/slave.  This submissive wanted to experience a bondage/sensory deprivation/orgasmic denial session.

I do enjoy that first session, taking the nervous but excited submissive into my realm and stripping him naked of his clothing.  Next comes the blindfold and then the leather cuffs for his ankles, then the leather mitts for his hands…amazing how a man will simply hand over his physical being to a woman such as myself!!

Next, I take the submissive to the bedroom I’ve decided to session in, which for bondage I use the bedroom with the iron bed.  I already have the chains in place on the headboard and foot-board…it is simply a matter of getting the naked submissive positioned on his back, then quickly snap the chains to the leather restraints and VIOLA!!!

This new submissive enjoyed having his cock and balls spanked…whenever he would lick my pussy too hard or try to suck on it, I would whack his cock and balls…I loved how it made him jump and writhe in pain…he loved it, too!

I was able to take my own orgasmic pleasure from this submissive before I finished him off with my own diabolical cock massage…I do so love to watch a man’s hard cock as I lubricate my hands and then squeeze and massage his cock till he’s about to explode…I massage and rubbed his balls, working his cock-meat into a steel-hard sex object…he began to whimper and whine that he was going to cum…”PLEEEEZZZZEEE Mistress, may I cum?”
“NO, you may not!”  I would hiss at him…I would work my hands, harder, faster on his cock-meat…his hips began to involuntarily thrust upward in a fucking motion…
“PLEEEEZZZEEE Mistress, I…I am about to cum,” he would gasp…”NO, you do not have permission to cum!”
Just a little more twisting and turning of my hands…

“You may cum,” I whispered and off his cock-meat went.  He shot a huge load of cum, which I aimed at his face…his cock jerked and squirted a huge amount of creamy liquid which I guided to his face and chest…I was so thrilled and tickled.

Good job Mature Sex Goddess…another happy customer!!!

So, what will Day 2 of The Mature Sex Goddess’ Vacation bring?  I am meeting with one of my regular clients for lunch.  He’s a large man, obnoxious, thinks he’s important…I have commanded him to reserve a booth at one of my favorite restaurants for lunch at 12:30 p.m.  He will provide a monetary donation and treat me to lunch.  We will discuss his upcoming session at the end of the month…I’ll take plainly about the kink and erotic thoughts and doings…he’ll be thrilled thinking/knowing that others may be hearing our conversation…he loves thinking that other people really do care about what we are talking about…then I’ll head out to do some grocery shopping before heading to my walking group orientation tonight.

Such is the life of The Mature Sex Goddess…

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