The Older, The Better?

I find myself in a pattern of sorts with regard to my “clients.”  I seem to have a collection of “older” gentlemen.  Why am I partial or attracted to these older men?  Do I have a “daddy” complex?  These men are about the same age as my own father…two older, one younger…crazy, huh?

Tonight, I entertained my older, limp-cocked gentleman.  He has all the sensations/feelings left in his cock, he simply suffers from complete erectile dysfunction.  I have noticed that he’s been able to get a small semi-erection…more so than when he first started coming to me.

My “old guy” enjoys getting naked and touching…both me touching him, him touching me.   He loves to lay in my bed and touch me, kiss me…he longs for the touch of a woman, to touch a woman…and why not?  He doesn’t want the chains of a “relationship”…just an hour or two, once a month…I engage “old guy” in conversations about his life, his past loves, his past sex partners…his deceased wife…he talks, I listen…he has my undivided attention for the time he’s here with me.

I have “old guy” lay on his back while I get between his legs and suck his limp cock…I realize that it’s easy to suck a limp cock…it is interesting that I can make the muscles in his legs jump with certain suction techniques…I love to suck his cock hard and run my fingers over his hard nipples…he likes the sensation, the feeling that it gives him…

I love to watch how “old guy” responds to my various touches, sucks, licks…he can be that lover that he once was in his younger days…he feels good about himself, though does mention his inability to become erect and engage in actual, sexual penetration.

And so, my old guy pleasures and pleases me with his oral ministrations…he’s learned to apply his tongue ever so gently to my tiny, little clit…I can tell when he gets excited and carried away because he tends to use his teeth to try and bite my little clitty…ouch!!!  I speak up and tell “old guy” that he needs to be gentle, easy, gentle…

I concentrate on what my “old guy” is doing to my pussy with his mouth, tongue and fingers…I was able to let go and reach what I refer to as a “full body” orgasm.  My “old guy” was quite pleased with himself, he loves to know that he has pleased me and brought me to the orgasmic bliss, that release of stress and tension…I enjoy being able to let go and enjoy his ministrations.

During the pillow talk, I discovered that my “old guy” is having a birthday in May…I asked him how old he was going to be…he said “too old.”  Again, I asked him how old was “too old?”  He will be 76-years-old.  His next comment bothered me, in that he said he will be done, his life will be over.  Okay, why?

I inquire further of my “old guy” and ask him why he thinks his life is over…or why he wants his life to be over.  He said he is lonely, he wants a woman in his bed at night to keep him warm, to touch and hold onto.  He doesn’t necessarily want a particular woman, just the woman that he shared so many years with that has now died and gone on her own journey without him.

I listened and comforted him…he dressed and I showed him to the door.  I hugged and kissed him as he left…see you next month, my dear.

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