How Many Times A Day Do You Think About Sex?

I’ve been thinking about this question for about a week…how many times a day does The Mature Sex Goddess think about sex?  Once, twice, ten times, twenty times a day?

I gave it a conscientious count today…I stopped counting after ten times, today.  I thought about sex as I listened to my boss make lewd and sexual comments…pretty normal in my office…I wondered what it would be like to strip my boss naked and tie him to his desk chair and allow him to watch me have sex with one of the other men in the office…and then I wondered just how big of a cock my boss has…do I REALLY want to know about his cock?  Is he cut or uncut?  PLEEEZZZEEEEEE, stop!!!

Then I thought about my “old guy” that was coming/cumming to see me tonight…I didn’t wear my crotchless pantyhose to work today…I didn’t wear any panties, just a slip under my cotton knit skirt and top…does that count as thinking about sex…making myself available to engage in sex with little to no effort?

I thought about one of my other guys that will be coming to visit me this coming Saturday…a little BDSM mixed with some sensual, sexual pleasures…how many times a day do you think about sex?

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