Tuesday, Cool and Damp…

Just when you thought spring was really here to stay, another front blows through, shifts the wind to out of the north and temps fall down into the 50s with highs of maybe somewhere in the 60s!!

It’s difficult to dress for work this time of year.  The office building I work in stay cold most of the time, even when the AC isn’t on…so dressing in layers is usually the way to go…that way, if I do get warm at some point during the day, I can shed the sweater or jacket…I’m still wearing my crotchless pantyhose, my legs are just too white and bright for my comfort, not to mention I simply don’t want to blind anyone if they happen to get a glimpse of my legs.

So, my dilemma is what to wear to work today that will be comfortable and warm…

I’m entertaining my old guy tonight.  He called last night wanting to come over at 10:30 p.m.  He was lonely and wanted to lick my pussy, snuggle next to my naked, warm body…he would have loved to have spent the night.    I appreciated the offer and the thought…I declined his offer for last night with it being so late, but told him I would enjoy seeing after I get off work this evening.  I simply can’t get my mind wrapped around someone sleeping in my bed with me…I rather like sleeping alone in my comfy, cozy, king-sized bed!!

Seeing my old guy finds me wondering why my dad can’t function on some sort of independent “normal” basis.  Why can’t he get himself back into physical shape to at least walk at the mall?  I have heard from friends that have gone through the grieving process after loosing the spouse of many, many years and it isn’t an easy process.  I know my dad is lonely, I know my old guy is lonely…thus, I keep my mind open and entertain my old guy…now, to find someone that can open their mind and possibly body to my dad…

Time to get in the shower…I’m having a bit of a time getting around this morning…the bed keeps calling my name but the clock says it is time to move on.  Have a great Tuesday.

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