Sunday Afternoon Naughty, Nasty Adventures…

It just dawned on me that I hadn’t posted my “busy” Sunday afternoon of naughty, nasty adventures!!!  How in the world could The Mature Sex Goddess not post about what a nasty Sunday afternoon she was able to enjoy last Sunday?

By the time I finished my first cup of coffee last Sunday morning , I was working on setting up a time that would work for two of my consistent nasty friends.  I was able to find a time that worked for both my attorney friend and myself.  He had a busy day ahead of him preparing a witness for depositions going into last work week and needed some stress-relief to clear his head (and cock) to tackle the tasks ahead of him.

I enjoy my attorney friend.  I’ve been enjoying this particular friend for a few years now.  He helped resolve my ugly car accident lawsuit which had spiraled out of control due to my insistence of using attorneys I was working with or even calling on a so-called former-friend attorney, who really turned my lawsuit into a lawsuit by the other insurance company against me…this particular attorney friend, works on what I refer to as “the other side.”  I’ve always worked on the defense side of a lawsuit and he’s a Plaintiff attorney.  Some that work on my side of lawsuits, call this kind of attorney “the enemy.”  I can’t think of my attorney friend  as “the enemy” as he saved my ample ass!!  Anyway, I enjoy this man.  I enjoy him sharing the tales of his profession…our pillow talk is never dull…I don’t know why but I’ve always been fascinated with the stories and adventures of the law…so, I thoroughly enjoy my attorney friend.

His sexual attentions are fabulous.  He enjoys extended foreplay, kissing, touching, fingering…he loves to watch me suck his cock…I love to lick and kiss him from head cock and back again…I love how he fingers and plays with my pussy…I get so juicy, so turned on…I love when he finally goes for my pussy with his mouth and tongue…OMG, I gasp and moan, groan and respond eagerly to his ministrations.  I love to stroke his cock while he’s eating my pussy.  I love to feel the pre-cum ooz out of his cock-eye as his excitement grows.

I love it when we get in the 69 position with me on top…I place my pussy over his face and lower myself to where his mouth can continue to lick and flick at my hot, wet pussy…it doesn’t take me long to start fucking his face, rapidly building to my first mind-shattering orgasm…I don’t hesitate after I’ve fallen over the orgasmic waterfall to turn myself around and mount the hard cock of my attorney friend.  My orgasmic spasms continue and I ride his cock to my second full-body orgasm, which always triggers his orgasm…and off he goes into his own, mind-blowing orgasm.

I wait until his limp cock slides out of me before I get up and start his shower…he tells me about his day-to-day adventures, what’s coming up, as well as discussing various decisions of the appellate courts and current law decisions before congress…we really do talk the law talk…I LOVE it.  When the water is just-right-warm, I wait until my friend is done and then help him towel off…I don’t know why but I enjoy the after-sex ritual just as much as the before and during parts…we’ve established a nice little, cozy routine…

Then my attorney friend dresses, tells me a little about what he’s headed out to accomplish…and away he goes.  I can’t help but look forward to our next time…it’s all so familiar and fulfilling to us both…

After my attorney friend departed, I changed the sheets on the bed and prepared for my second friend to come/cum and visit me.  This friend tears himself away from his life about once every other month.  He’s got a very busy work schedule, something to do with airplane engines or something of that sort.  He’s very busy pulling extra shifts due to the increased government orders…gotta grab the business when it is there…you never know when ol’Uncle Sam will cut off the contract and leave a company high and dry…so, this particular friend manages to tear himself away to indulge in some stress therapy for an hour every now and then.

I best describe my demeanor with this particular friend as letting my inner Mature Sex Goddess completely out.  I exhibit the very sexually aggressive woman with this friend.  He loves how I undress him, take his cock-meat in my hands and begin to lick, kiss and suck on his cock…when I have him completely naked, I have him lay on the bed and I coat my hands with one of my flavored gels which increases the sensitivity of his cock…this friend’s cock gets rock hard in record time…he has very sensitive nipples, so I work on those, licking, sucking and very gently nibbling on them…this drives him crazy, he LOVES to have his nipples nibbled on…I move him around on the bed, ordering him this way and that…he loves to kiss and I have him suck on my nipples, which turns me on…then he begins his exploration and feast of my pussy.

He LOVES to eat my pussy…he’s very enthusiastic and eager, which means I have to pay very close attention because he gets to rough with his mouth and tongue…if he applies too much pressure to my clit with his eager tongue wagging across the delicate little button, it turns me off…so I hold his head in my hands and pull his hair when he gets too rough with his tongue…I am very vocal and clear about how it feels when one of my friends gets too rough between my legs…I tell them, give them time to adjust before I issue further instructions.  Amazing how eager a man is to please when he’s given instructions on how to pleasure and please!!!

My friend ate my pussy for a good 20-minutes…I was building to my next orgasm but for some reason just wasn’t getting there…so, I decided that maybe the 69-position with me on top might provide the added control factor of pressure that I wasn’t getting with him simply eating my pussy with me on my back…

Apparently this was a real treat for this friend because when we got into the 69-position with me on top, lowering my pussy to his face, I took his very hard cock-meat into my mouth and began working it with my hot, wicked mouth…it didn’t take my friend long to start fucking my mouth, thrusting his hips up to shove his cock into my throat…he was moaning and groaning…I could tell from how his balls were tensing that he was getting very close to releasing his cum load in my mouth…too late for me to really give much thought to what was about to happen other than I would take him with my mouth and drink him dry…and I did just that…I increased my sucking pressure and off he went…his head was going back and forth as though he were watching a tennis match as his orgasm washed over him…I sucked on his cock until it went limp in my hands and mouth…too tender for me to continue to apply any kind of pressure.  I don’t know why, but I’m always so proud of myself when I make a man orgasm with my mouth!!!!  I’m sure it has something to do with the control factor, the power I feel by being able to take his orgasm…

So, two naughty, nasty friends in one afternoon.  I was thrilled to say the least!  No amount of plotting and planning could have had the afternoon develop as well as it did…isn’t that how it goes, when you plot and plan, everything falls apart…when you let go and give up, things just seem to work out, fall into place…let’s just say, I found myself quite satisfied for the time being…such is the life of The Mature Sex Goddess!

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