The Return of dear subbie…

I’ve been smiling all day. I had the pleasure of enjoying one of my most favorite submissive men last night. It has been about 8-months since I’ve sessioned this particular man. I had grown fond of his responsiveness in our time together. Last night, we got to renew our Dominant/submissive bond again…it was fabulous!!! I decided to leave my dear subbie’s instructions on the door that enters my garage. I placed a plastic lawn chair in the middle of the garage with further instructions for dear subbie. He was already nervous and a bit anxious over what I had in store for him…but that’s the thrill of it, that’s the excitement, not knowing what’s ahead… subbie’s instructions were to come into the garage, lock the dead-bolt, then remove all of his clothing, including his socks and shoes, fold them neatly placing the tribute on top of his pile of clothes and come to the door that leads into the house from the garage. He was to knock when he was ready for Mistress to take him… My dear subbie has learned to be prompt in his arrival…I like to think of this discipline as a fine-tuned machine…I’m sure it has something to do with my obsessive compulsive tendencies, nevertheless, I was thrilled when subbie knocked on the door leading into the house at exactly 7:00 p.m. I opened the door and subbie immediately fell to his knees. My heart soared, what a delightful submissive!!! I urged him to rise and come into the house…I embraced him and told him how glad I was to see him again…you see, dear subbie had a bout with cancer/leukemia. He is currently in remission and doing quite well health wise. dear subbie placed his clothes on the floor of my kitchen and placed the tribute envelope on the kitchen counter…we were ready to begin… dear subbie wore his Arabian cock harness, which was nicely restraining his hard cock…I loved how it made his shaved balls bulge through the straps…I had dear subbie stand on my coffee table so that I could inspect his naked body. I did not collar or blind-fold him, I had him stand with his feet shoulder-width apart and his hands placed behind his head. His cock was hard and standing at attention…I grabbed a hold of him and he gasped…I love how sensitive dear subbie is to the touch, to my touch… I proceeded to inspect the naked body of dear subbie…he began to tremble with excitement. I had turned the heat up in the house so that he did not get cold…dear subbie was just so thrilled to be back before his Mistress! I took my riding crop and ran it across his very pert nipples…he gasped and groaned…I loved it! I couldn’t help myself and held his cock-meat tight in my hand, then leaned forward and licked his fore-skin… “Oh, Mistress,” dear subbie gasped. I laughed at subbie…then I whacked him on the ass with the riding crop and told him that I was so very glad to see him…I promised to be gentle. Then I had him get down off of the coffee table. I placed the leather hand mitts on his of his hands, then the leather ankle cuffs on him…then the bondage hood over his head. I took him by the cock and lead him through the house…I decided to take him to the playroom that has my iron bed. I had dear subbie lean against the bed while I spanked his ass with my bare hand…just enough pressure to make him aware of who was in charge… Next, I had dear subbie get up on the bed on all fours while I again played with his cock and balls…I loved running my finger up and down his taint…his gasps and groans thrilled me…I could feel myself getting all wet between my own legs. “Up on the bed, on your back, spread eagle,” I instructed dear subbie…I quickly went to chaining him spread eagle to the bed…he was trembling so deliciously…his cock bobbing nice and hard…I then set to using a variety of vibrating implements on dear subbie’s body…he squirmed and begged Mistress to stop…then when I was brushing his cock-meat with one of my vibrating powder brushes, dear subbie begged Mistress to let him cum. “No, you do not have permission to cum,” I told him. “dear subbie, it is way too early in our session to allow you such a privilege!” “Yes, Mistress…I’m just so excited, I don’t know how long subbie can hold off releasing his cum load,” he told me. I continued my ministrations of various implements and toys…I held off as long as I could…I wanted dear subbie’s tongue to lick my clit, pleasure and please me as I had him trained to do before he left my service 8-months ago. I do so love it when I have my submissives trained to pleasure and please me…licking my sweet pussy with feathery flicks of the tongue till I can’t hold off any longer and fall of the orgasmic edge into the waves of ecstasy. I placed my pussy over dear subbie’s mouth opening and ordered him to lick me, lick me like I like it! And lick dear subbie did. Just to keep dear subbie off guard, I would swat his hard cock-meat with one of my hands…he would gasp and I would order him to return to his oral duties. I then decided to take the bondage hood off of dear subbie so he could tend to his oral ministrations in a much more satisfactory way…not to mention, dear subbie could view my pink, swollen, womanly delights! Oh how thankful dear subbie was to be able to view his Mistress’ pussy while he licked in feather flicks!! My arms were growing tired and my pussy was so damned hot…I decided to have dear subbie tend to me while I laid upon my TV pillow on the bed…I released him from his chain bonds and ordered him to get between my legs and lick me till I came in his mouth…I loved how delightful his tongue felt on my clit…he was driving me wild with his fabulous tongue and then he used his fingers which made it all the more incredible…I complimented him and stroked his hard and ears as he flicked his wicked tongue…I held off as long as I could and then finally, I gave in and came hard on dear subbie’s tongue…he worked his tongue and fingers until I couldn’t stand to be touched any longer…I get so damned sensitive in the throes of my orgasm that it becomes impossible for someone to continue to lick or touch me…I pushed dear subbie away while my body spasmed and rippled with the orgasmic waves…dear subbie was so proud of himself…I was proud of dear subbie…it had been way too long since he had been in my bed!! Once I had somewhat recovered from my orgasmic pleasure, it was time to bring dear subbie to his orgasmic end…I ordered dear subbie to get up and fuck my now juicy pussy… “Yes, Mistress,” was dear subbie’s reply…and get on that pussy he did…his cock-meat was so nice and hard…I love how sensitive I am after I’ve had that first orgasm…I can feel every inch of a man’s cock as it slides into my womanly depths…and plunge dear subbie did…it didn’t take dear subbie long to achieve his own orgasmic bliss…he begged Mistress to allow him to cum… “Yes, you may cum, dear subbie,” I told him…no sooner had I gotten the words out when dear subbie let loose his own orgasm…I love to watch a man orgasming…his face all wrenched in ecstasy…dear subbie came and came…and then fell limp in my arms…oh yes, it was so fantastic to have my dear subbie back in my bed, back in my arms.

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