Is It A Form Of Sex Therapy?

I entertain an “older” gentleman about once a month.  This man is in his late 70s…he has major erectile dysfunction but still longs for the feel and touch of a woman’s naked body.

I do feel that The Mature Sex Goddess does provide a form of sex therapy in the instance when a man can no longer function sexually but desires to engage in sexual activities.  This particular man has plenty of feeling in his cock and balls, just no ability to respond in kind with an erection.  While I cannot be the woman of his life, the partner he desires to have in his bed every night, I do enjoy having him over to indulge his sexual desires once a month for an hour.

Perhaps it is because I do see how lonely he is.  His wife of 33-years now deceased after a long, disabling disease plagued her body…I do see how he loves to reminisce about the days/nights gone by when he was a viral man, able to fulfill his manly duties at the end of a sexual coupling…and so, I take this man into my bed.

I have to admit, I do enjoy our time together as much as he does.  I love to have a man kiss on my naked body, licking, sucking at my tits and nipples…fingering my moist pussy…I love to lay back and have this man worship my naked body…hugging, touching, kissing, licking…I do love the physical attention…just as I know he loves for me to kiss, lick and suck on him.

I am an enthusiastic lover.  I do like to kiss and lick my way over a man’s naked body…yes, even the old and less attractive body…I hold to the thought that the body is the map of one’s life…as we get older, there are more scars, more lumps and bumps…very few really perfect bodies are found in a person in their 70s and 80s…that doesn’t make them any less sexual…at least, not in my eyes.

Yes, I do know that some of my enthusiasm is due to the monetary factor…for some reason that is a part of the turn-on for me…knowing that this man is providing a monetary gift for the time we spend together…but it also keeps the situation in a more objective place.

Yes, it is a form of sex therapy for us both…I attack this man’s limp cock with an eagerness he hasn’t had in years…I can work on perfecting my sucking techniques…finding those little strings of feeling attached to the cock…cupping, rubbing, massaging his balls, playing and manipulating my hands to provide more sensations for him…I love to suck on his limp cock and rub my fingers and finger-nails on his nipples…quite a different sensation, which he has told me several times before he had never had a woman as aggressive in sex as I am…is it the difference in the generations?  It is a curious thought for me…if a woman, at any age, is confident in her own sexuality she could provide a sexual aggression from time to time for her partner…

I have taught this “older” man to listen to me in order to eat my pussy the way I want and enjoy.  He does get a bit eager at times, flicks his tongue way too hard…and then there are the times when I have to work to keep my mind on the business at hand…it is sometimes a lot of work to remain aware and centered in the sexual activity that is going on…patience is paramount…retaining the ability to get into my own mind, into a place in which my body will gladly go to reach the orgasmic bliss that my partner wants to badly to achieve with me.

There is joy on his face when he continues to touch my twitching body…he says it is fascinating to see how sensitive I am all over my body after I orgasm…I can’t stand to be touched for very long after I fall over that cliff of my orgasm…I squirm and push away when the achieved result occurs.

And then I take the man into my arms and hold him to my breast…we baske in the after-glow of my orgasm…I then turn my attention to his limp cock, stroking and massaging him, telling him how much I enjoy his company, how much I enjoy his oral attentions to my womanly regions…

My friend leaves a happy man…I always enjoy listening to the stories of his antics of his more youthful days…he fondly reflects on his wife and other loves…while he talks of wanting to take me home and wake next to me in the morning, he knows that will never be…I know he appreciates the sex therapy I provide.

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