How Does A Mature Sex Goddess Spend Her Saturday Afternoon?

I am going to spend my Saturday afternoon entertaining one of my regular sex friends…my dear attorney friend.

My attorney friend is very special.  He is special because of how he came into my life and what he has done for me since coming into my life.

I was involved in a car accident back in February of 2004.  A little gal, 18-years-0ld was driving her dad’s pick-up with a cab load of folks (5 people in the cab of a pick-up truck, when she decided to cross a four lane highway without yielding to oncoming traffic.  I was heading down the highway going north when this little gal decided to shoot across the 4 lanes of traffic, which I hit her, which caused the car behind me to hit me and a 3-car accident insued.

My car was totaled…I was commuting approximtely 100-miles each day to work and back, roundtrip…suddenly, I was without a vehicle.  Thus, began my nightmare into the world of  being a plaintiff.

After going through two other attorneys that swore to me they could handle this situation, get a fair and reasonable resolution to this whole deal, both attorneys failing miserably, which lead to big time hard feelings on my part…also leading to a change of jobs due to my “personal problems”…I finally took the sage advice of one of my best friends and called my now-friend attorney.

I admitted to both my best friend and this attorney that I had erred by not coming to this particular attorney when the accident first happened.

So, here I am, four years later…my nightmare experience in the world of lawsuits as a plaintiff and as a defendant as the freaking insurance company of this gal deciding I had been over-paid and sued me…I’m lawsuit free and not out any more money than I was initially. 

My dear attorney, is a dear friend, a dear “nasty” friend, whom I enjoy about once a month…he provides me with a nominal gift for the time we spend together, which involves getting naked, yummy foreplay of kissing, sucking, licking…me sucking his cock to a nice state of erection…him licking, sucking and kissing my delightful pussy till it is all nice and puffy with excitement and ready to burst into orgasmic bliss…which once I have orgasmed, my friend climbs up on me and fucks me to his completion or I get on top of him and ride his rigid pole till he explodes in me his load of cum…

Then we lay there in my bed and cuddle, my friend telling me all about his current lawyer happenings…he’s a plaintiff attorney and thus his legal world is much different than the legal world I dwell in, in my work life…the work life is what pays the big bills, the “real” day job as…I’m in defense work, insurance defense…so, we’re on opposite sides most of the time…he’s even had some cases with my firm…however, there is never any crossing of the ethical lines…it is as though we never met each other should he happen to be over in my neck of the woods…

So, The Mature Sex Goddess will be spending her Saturday afternoon entertaining her dear lawyer friend.  I will get in the shower, scrub my body clean, shave my legs and pussy to a wonderful smoothness…I love to keep my pussy shaved for the men I entertain…more for selfish reasons than anything…I love how sensitive it makes my womanly regions…not that I need any help in being aroused (being in an aroused state is pretty much a norm for me!!! lol).

My friend will arrive and we’ll spend an hour of pure, unadult-rated sexual fun…then he’ll shower and dress…present me with my gift before heading out to take care of whatever else he has on his plate for the day.  

I get what I want, he gets what he wants and all is right with the naughty, nasty world of The Mature Sex Goddess!

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