The State of The Economy…

Here sits The Mature Sex Goddess…I’m bracing myself for another day at my “day job.”  Things are tough right now…there’s a “trimming of the fat” going on about the office where I work.  Things are tense and uncertain…who will go, who will stay…what are the determining factors?

How does a mature sex goddess survive in an economy such as this?  Good question.  The Mature Sex Goddess is striving to keep her “day job” because it does pay the big bills and then enjoy her other hobbies when able to indulge.

Even a mature sex goddess has foes that she must brace herself for on a daily basis…yes, I know, hard to believe that there are folks that don’t adore and love The Mature Sex Goddess, but it’s true.  Right now, The Mature Sex Goddess is battling a continuing foe who she will deem, the co-worker-from-hell!  I’m sure at some point in a person’s work life or professional life they have encounter someone like the co-worker-from-hell or another term more politically correct, the work-place bully.

This particular foe requires much forethought and preparation…the whole daily process of dealing with such a person is absolutely exhausting in not only mental, emotional but also physical.

So, with the state of the economy being what it is, The Mature Sex Goddess is continuing to work towards creating a more perfect physical being…oh, let’s say vessel in which to continually fill with pleasant and pleasing

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