Scrotie’s Session

Scrotie is the nickname for my friend I enjoyed tonight. This particular friend loves to have his balls stretched…yes, a BDSM session of sorts.

While I can dispense a stern, disciplinary session, where the cock and ball torture will take you to the very edge of your limits, causing you to rise up on my toes and beg Mistress for mercy…tonight’s session took on a lighter tone, though turned out to be quite rewarding for both my friend and I…and I never took off my dress!!!

Scrotie arrived right on time this evening. I decided at the last minute that I would utilize my living room coffee table and then end the session in one of my four bedrooms that coverts easily into a chamber of erotic adventure…so, Scrotie arrived, he was instructed to strip naked in the living room, placing his clothes in the recliner and then to take a seat on the red leather ottoman.

I could tell Scrotie was tired upon his arrival. His notes begging for discipline had a tone of desperate desire of some fairly hard whacks to his cock and balls…but when he arrived, I could tell, he was stressed and tired…we sat and talked for a while, I answered his questions on some nasty issues…then I ordered him to get up on my coffee table so I could apply the ball harness he had brought with him.

The coffee table put him at a good height for me to work his cock and balls. I got the ball harness buckled on him and proceeded to hang the weights…he had two, eight ounce sinker weights which I attached with little black zip-ties…I was able to swing the weights in between his legs, stretching his balls in such a delightful way. I like to keep them swinging while I take a riding crop to his cock…first I whack it up and down and then from side to side…I love how Scrotie flinches each time the crop whacks at his cock.

I then set to attaching one of the sixteen ounce sinker weight…which ended up pulling the ball harness off of him…so, I decided to use my ball parachute device…I attached the weights and got them to swinging. I did remember to take pictures this time…and got some really good shots. (I used one of the pics on this post!!) Then I decided it was time for Scrotie to do some clanking in the bedroom. I took Scrotie into my bedroom that has the iron bed…the iron bed has turned out to be an incredible torture device for all of my naughty, nasty sessions.

Tonight, I had Scrotie climb up on the bed on all fours…the ball parachate with two weights was now too short to swing between Scrotie’s legs while on the bed, so I pulled the weights up his ass crack and rested the weights on the top of his ass…I then took my Hitachi Wand and began to work Scrotie over, massaging his butt, his thights, his back…up and down, all around…the weights vibrated off of Scrotie’s back falling onto the bed…which gave me another brilliant idea…I would take the chains on the footboard of the iron bed frame and brought pulled them to the ball parachute where I attached them to the weights…I pulled the chains till there was no slack left and spanked Scrotie on the ass and turned the Hitachi back on…

Scrotie LOVES to have his balls stretched and the more I used the Hitachi on him, the more he would pull away from the footboard causing the chains to pull and stretch his balls. It didn’t take Scrotie long until he was humping as I massaged him…I then held the Hitachi to Scrotie’s balls and turned it on high…then up and down his cock-meat, back to his balls, then to his taint spot…I worked on him, working the wand, fucking him with it…he was now in “the zone”…he was experiencing somewhat of a sensory over-load with that Hitachi on high on his balls, but he loved it…so, I continued and began talking dirty to him, telling him I was going to get every drop of cum out of his balls before he could leave tonight…he was moaning and groaning, bucking and fucking…

I then turned him over on his back and continued to work him with the Hitachi wand…he was getting closer to his orgasm…it was time for him to get on all fours where I could work him to finish…I held the Hitachi to his cock and ran it over the his very sensitive cock-head…he was bucking and fucking again, and I kept pulling at his cock and balls while moving the wand over and around…my hand was about to vibrate off as the Hitachi has a very strong vibration, especially when put on the high speed.

It didn’t take much longer…Scrotie hollered that he was cumming and cum he did…I held the Hitachi to his cock-head and he continued to squirt cum…I milked his balls and held the wand to him until he started shuddering and shivering from being now so very sensitive. I gave him a few more squeezes and application of the wand to the under-side of his balls and he was done. What a HUGE load he had deposited on the bed.

I was thrilled to say the least. Scrotie was now fully released of the stress he had arrived at my house carrying. He looked so much more relaxed as I applied a warm wash cloth to clean him up. He was pleased, Mistress was pleased. A good time was had by all. Thank you, Scrotie!!!

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