The Sunday Afternoon Friend…

For lack of another term for the men that I do see in a provider/client situation, I deem the men that I do entertain in a sexual manner, a friend.  Client just sounds, well, too business like and I really don’t consider myself “in business.”  Perhaps that is naive of me…maybe I’m just skirting the real issues…but the bottom-line is, in the current state of the economy, a gal has to do what a gal has to do.

Thus, I “entertain.”  So, this Sunday afternoon, I entertained a repeat friend…this is a friend that I’ve seen before.  This particular friend LOVES to eat my pussy.  He has declared that I have the best tasting, the most beautiful pussy he’s ever enjoyed.  Who am I to disagree?  What woman doesn’t like to be told how desirable she is…how sexually exciting…how beautiful a part of her anatomy is…at least to him?

My friend arrived promptly at the appointed time.  Since he is what I refer to as a repeat friend (not in the sense that he can recover quickly after initial sex and have another go at another orgasm).  I show him back to my bedroom where we proceed to get naked while making small talk.

I slip off my robe, I usually put on one of my short silky robes to greet my friend…I’m already naked and ready to play.  I wait until my friend is completely naked before I approach him and decide on how I will initiate play.  For some reason, being the aggressor has never been a problem for me.  Maybe it’s because I have a certain confidence about me these days…why not?  He’s here for the purpose of sex and I’m here for the purpose of sex…so, I sometimes kneel before my friend and take his cock into my hand.

This is where I do the “sniff” test.  Don’t laugh, this can be a complete turn-off if the right bodily odors aren’t happening…if the male odor is too pungent I immediately reach for one of my flavored lotions or gels…but not before hurrying to the bathroom to get a warm wash cloth to clean-off my friend’s cock and balls.  This ensures he’s clean, at least by my standards.  I know, I know, too much information…but is it really?  I mean let’s be real here…I have a very keen sense of smell…if something doesn’t smell right, I can’t get into that person…thus, I can’t put a man’s cock in my mouth if it doesn’t smell clean. 

I’ve also learned that using the cherry flavored oral gel helps tremendously…as well as making the man a bit more sensitive to my touch, whether that’s my hand, fingers or mouth.  During the first initial “oral” contact of my friend’s cock, I like to pretend I’m in a porn flick…yes, I know definitely stretching my imagination…but it works, I’m already pretty moist between my legs and envisioning that there are other people watching me “perform” revs me up even more.

So, I begin to initiate oral attentions on my friend.  I love to hear a man moan and groan when he’s liking what I’m doing to him…not to mention, I love to experience a man’s cock getting hard in my mouth.  It doesn’t take long till my friend is pulling me up by my arms, up to him on the bed…my oral attentions are working and our playtime has begun…

I have to tell you, I am turned-on by the time my friend gets to my house.  I shower and shave myself, putting on various lotions and edible powder…I want to present the smell and taste of a woman that my friend will enjoy…I use an enhancer cream on my clit, I prefer the chocolate chip mint…it really makes my clit super-sensitive…which makes my pussy wet…knowing that a man is coming over to have sex with me and is going to provide me with a monetary gift, well, that just excites the hell out of me. 

I next put some flavored nipple gel on my nipples…this tingles and keeps the excitement building…this is all done about 15-minutes before my friend arrives…therefore, I’m hot and sizzling by the time we get naked and we begin our play time.

This afternoon, I enjoyed having my pussy eaten with alternating cock-in-pussy strokes…the pace was fabulous…my friend was doing his best to hold off orgasming as long as he could.  The main factor in the men that I see is that most are over the age of 50.  Those that are in the age category of 50-60 are still capable of getting and maintaining a decent erection.  This age bracket are usually good for one major orgasm…sometimes they can achieve another erection with a decent 15 – 30 minute rest between orgasms.  Since most of my friends are here to see me for an hour, one orgasm is pretty much it for both of us.  

This particular friend has learned to pace himself…switching from performing oral on me, to moving up with me on my back, my legs extended up to where he can brace himself while fucking me…I can play with his nipples, which this particular friend has very sensitive nipples, which intensive his growing excitement…

One of the main goals of this particular friend this afternoon, was to provide me with a good, hard, full-body orgasm…always awesome, always so stress-relieving…I shudder and moan, groan, until the body tremors sub-side…my friend has learned to back off, not to touch me for a little while until the sensitivity level comes down a notch…then it’s time to get up and fuck that pussy…

And fuck my pussy he did, before he stuck his cock in for the final time, he put on a condom and we were good to go…it didn’t take him long till he fully exploded in his orgasm…I love to watch a man as he empties his cum load…he filled the condom and once his body tremors were finally done, I went and got another warm wash cloth, removed the condom, cleaned him up and dried him off. 

I laid down beside him and cuddled with him for a while, we made small talk until it was time for him to leave. 

My friend thanked me for a wonderful, sexual release…I thanked him for the same and told him to not make it so long between visits.  All work and no play can make a man quite cranky. 

I closed the garage door as my friend drove away.  We both got what we wanted this afternoon…that’s how I spent my Sunday afternoon.

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