An Experiment In Something Sensual, Erotic…

I’m conducting a personal study on how easy it is to seduce the married man.  Why in gawd’s name would I want to seduce a married man?  Honestly, I dont know other than the obvious, I want to see if I can do it…I want to keep my Goddess Seductive skills finely tuned and honed…perhaps an experiment out of pure boredom!!!

Anyway, to lay some ground work for the so-called study I’m doing, when I get bored at work, the “day” job, the job that pays the big bills like house payment, car payment…I browse Craigs List.  I am particularly fond of the personal ads…specifically, men looking for women and then the various topics that go along with it, casual encounters, miscellaneous romance…you get the idea. 

Believe it or not, I do have a specific “age” category I prefer, which are the men over 50-years-old.  Some ads are just plain ridiculous…while others have some sort of draw to them.

One day about two weeks ago, I came across an ad by a guy that was seeking an “erotic” pen pal of sorts.  Benign enough…I would like to think I’m a good writer…and I do like to create personas and different characters, so I answered this guy’s ad.

This guy is somewhere in his early 60s, basically living in a marriage that still has sex but the intimacy is gone…this guy no longer has an attraction to his wife.  Okay, I was once in a sexless marriage, that’s close enough, right?  So, we start off this e-mail exchange…both commenting on how feeling and such can be lost in the written word, but I much prefer e-mail communications versus talking on the phone. 

It was a little bumpy with the first inital e-mails.  I think we finally started gaining momentum by the time last weekend came around…this week, I poured it on, gave it my best seductress effort…now this guy has decided he not only wants to talk on the phone but definitely wants to at least meet over a cup of coffee…by Friday, this guy was ready to get a motel room and have sex with me. 

I thought I would see just how far out there I can get this guy…perhaps that is a bit mean of me, but hey, this is more or less an experiment in my erotic writing ability…so, I came up with a VERY hot sex scenario yesterday morning and sent it to my e-mail pal.

Here’s the e-mail:

I sat down with hubby last night (Friday) and we began the discussion about what is going on or rather what has not been going on between us the last few years.  It was so strange to sit there and just simply talk…I can’t remember when we’ve done that…we were sipping on a cocktail he had prepared for me upon my arrival home. It was just the two of us, sitting in the living room, no TV on, no distractions, no kids, grandkids running about, vying for our attention…
I came clean to hubby about answering an ad on CL for an e-mail buddy, an online experience.  He listened to me and then began to ask questions like you posed to me yesterday (Friday).
Hubby asked if I was considering having an extra-marital affair?  I told him I didn’t start out that way but that my e-mail friend had expressed an interest in a possible get together to engage in sex.  I told him I was tossing the thought around because I hadn’t really thought about being with another man sexually.  I told him it was difficult for me to think about another man fucking me without seeing his face or envisioning it being his cock inside of me. 
I told Hubby that my e-mail pal had asked me how I would feel if he, Hubby, brought another man home to fuck me.  He asked me if I had answered that question.  I told him that I didn’t think I would have a problem with the situation as long as he was there with me.  I told him that I thought I needed to know that I was safe and that could only be accomplished with Hubby right there watching and even participating.  I told him it turned me on like nothing else…to think that he would bring another man home and have that man fuck me while he watched…well, I couldn’t help but tell Hubby how turned on I was just talking to him about it right then. 
Hubby then told me to take off my jeans and panties and sit back down in my chair.  I don’t know why but I did exactly what he told me to do.  I sat my drink down on the end table and stood up, took my jeans off, my thong panties off and sat back down in the wing-back chair I was sitting in across from him.  I was still wearing my shirt and bra…but I was so turned-on…Hubby then told me to spread my legs and let him see my pussy.  I thought I was going to die…I instantly spread my legs to show him my hot wet pussy.  Hubby got up out of his chair, he set his drink down on the end table next to mine and then got down on his knees before me and ran a finger down my pussy slit…I couldn’t help myself but moan as I felt his touch…honestly, I almost cried because he was actually touching me, touching my pussy!  I closed my eyes as he put his hands around my hips and pulled me to the edge of the chair so he had better access to my pussy.  Then he began licking my clit, making it hard as a little marble…he worked first one finger into my pussy, then another…I thought I was going to explode right then and there…my hips started moving, thrusting up into his face…I was moaning and groaning, humping his face…trying my best not to cry because I was so thrilled for him to be eating my pussy, fucking me with his fingers…then he suddenly stopped and sat back and looked at me.  I whimpered a little because I wanted him to continue…I was so close to cumming…he stood up and removed his jeans and underwear, his cock was so damned hard…he then stood right before me and pulled me by the hair and told me to suck him, suck his cock, take it in my mouth…I didn’t have to be told twice, I quickly latched onto his cockmeat with my mouth…I have to open my mouth really wide to get him in, but I all I wanted to do was please him…he pushed his cock further into my mouth than I ever remember him doing…I started gagging as he touched my gag reflex…he pushed on further and I was scared I was going to choke on his cock…I know he was watching my body reactions because just when I thought I was going to really choke, he pulled back to where just the head of his cock was in my mouth…I licked and sucked on the head…wiggling my tongue at the eye of his cock…then he began to push his cock back into my mouth again, not so far but just enough where he could fuck my mouth, moving in and out of my mouth.
I could feel my pussy juices just flowing out of me…I was so fucking turned on and hot…I must’ve started fingering myself while I was sucking his cock because he grabbed my arm and pulled it up to where he could lick and suck my fingers, getting my juices off of my fingers…that was incredibly hot, him sucking my fingers while I was sucking his cock…
Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to stand up.  He peeled my shirt off of me and then unhooked my bra and threw it aside…I was completely naked before him now…he then took me by the hand and led me over to the sofa, he pushed me over the arm of the sofa and put his hands on my ass cheeks…I was praying he would plow into my pussy at this point…I was so hot I just wanted my pussy fucked…he ran his hand down my crack and between my legs…his fingers dipped into my pussy and then up to my ass crack…he then began to move from my pussy to my ass-hole as though he was transferring my pussy juices to my little hole…my mind was racing, surely he wasn’t going to fuck me in the ass…but then I was thinking maybe I wanted him to, I wanted him to claim me as his vessel, his fuck toy…whatever hole he wanted to put his hard cock in, I wanted him to do it…then I felt a cold liquid running down my crack…then his cock head was pushing at my ass-hole.
He told me he was going to fuck me in the ass…and then before I could say anything he pushed into me…the pain was incredible but I wanted it…I wanted him inside of me, I didn’t care how much it hurt…I cried out and he stopped holding his cock just inside of my tight little ass-hole…he told me to breath, take a deep breath, clench and he pushed further into me…he was pouring the cool liquid on my crack as he pushed into me…then he started moving in and out of me, ever so slightly…then it seemed as though he was going to split me open, he pushed further and I felt a pop…then it didn’t hurt any more, it was just weird…I felt full of him…he began fucking me in the ass, moving slowly in and out, not pullilng out of my ass completely, just moving in me…I reached down between my legs and felt his hard cock moving in and out of me…it was so weird to feel his steel hard erection moving in and out of my asshole when my pussy was just aching to be filled…I started fingering myself, then ever so lightly playing with my clit…he put his hand on my hand as he continued to fuck my ass…then he started talking to me…just barely louder than a whisper…
“You want to be fucked by some strange cock, don’t you?  You want to be a nasty whore and give that pussy to another man, don’t you?  Tell Daddy that you want to be his nasty girl…tell me you want another man to fuck you, fill you with his cum?”
I stuttered and stammered…I’ve never seen him like this but it was fucking hot…he started fucking my ass-hole a bit harder…I could feel his cockhead swelling in my tight little hole…it was so strange how it hurt but felt good…
“Tell me, Chloe, tell me how nasty you want to be!!!” He demanded of me.
“I don’t know, I just want to be fucked and filled with cock!”  I told him.
“That’s my girl, you want some strange cock in you, don’t you?  Daddy’s cock isn’t enough for you, is it?”  he hissed at me, his strokes getting quicker and harder…I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t know what to say…I didn’t want him to stop fucking me if I said the wrong thing…I was so fucking hot, I just wanted him to keep fucking me…
“Yes, your cock is enough for me, I just don’t get enough of it anymore,” I managed to stammer.  He started cumming in my ass-hole…he started groaning and then yelling as I felt a hot load of cum pumping into my butt.  It was so nasty…I clenched my ass muscles to try and milk his cock…he continued to holler and pump me…and then I felt his cock wilting and slipping out of my ass hole…he pushed away from me and flopped down on the sofa…his cock was wilting and covered in cum, nasty stuff from my ass…he just sat back and smiled..
“Get a wash cloth, Chloe and clean up this mess,” he told me.  I was dazed, I was still wanting to cum…but I wanted to please him.  So, I went in the kitchen and got a dish towel, ran warm water on it and returned to the living room where he sat on the sofa…I got down on my knees and began cleaning him up…what a mess that was…I was almost grosed out but I was so fucking hot and needing to be fucked that I couldn’t hardly stand myself.  He took the dish cloth away from me and started cleaning me up…he got up and went to the kitchen and rinsed out the dish cloth and then returned, having me bend over the sofa arm so he could clean my ass…then he tossed the dish cloth aside and pushed me down on the sofa, turning me around so that I was now laying on my back on the sofa…he pulled my legs apart and began eating my pussy…I was in heaven to say the least…he knows exactly how to eat my pussy to make me cum…I was on the verge of exploding in/on his face when he got up and started fucking me with his cock…his cock was hard again and he entered me in one smooth movement…I started cumming, screaming and yelling, pulling his hair, I fucked like I’ve never fucked before…it was so damned hot!!!  He came again, too, his cum filling my pussy and running out with my pussy juices…we laid there in each other’s arms for a while…I started crying, I was so overcome with joy and the fact that he had actually fucked me…he held me and comforted me…
“There, there, my dear Chloe.  You know I love you, Baby.  I just have had things on my mind…and yes, I know you’ve been wanting to have sex, I just couldn’t,” he told me.  I think I asked him why and he didn’t respond for a long time. 
“I was waiting on you, Chloe,”  he finally said.  I sat up almost mad…waiting on me?  What the fuck????  “Yes, waiting on you.  I want us to take our sex lives to a whole new level.  I want us to be with other people sexually.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  I didn’t know whether to be mad or glad…so I asked him, what he meant.  He then told me everything…
He told me how he had been having an affair with a woman and her husband.  It had started a little over a year ago and was still going on.  I just sat there and listened…I wasn’t sure how I felt about this at all.  He told me how he had known this woman, that “we” knew this woman and her husband for quite some time and that a couple of years ago, he was over at their house talking business when they approached him to join them in their marital bed.  He wanted to tell me but didn’t think I could handle it for what it is…purely a sexual deal.  He has been watching and waiting to see if I could handle it, he’s been wanting to share it with me ever since the first time…my mind was racing…I kept thinking how You, Danny, had asked me these questions in our exchange yesterday…I wondered if you knew this was what was going to happen…then I shut it off as how in the world could YOU have known he was going to tell me this…he continued to tell me how he had fucked this woman and then her husband had joined them and he even has had sex with the husband while the woman watched and directed them…he’s sucked another man’s cock and even been fucked by this man…they’ve been doing a 3-some for over a year now!!!  The couple had been wanting him to tell me and even bring me over so they could break my “cherry” so-to-speak, but he didn’t want to rush me, he wanted me to come to him and tell him that I wanted more…
Is that the craziest thing you’ve ever heard??   He told me I had to write to you this weekend and tell you all the details of last night…and for that matter, he said there would be more to tell you on Monday…he told me to tell him all about our exchange and he wanted to see our e-mails, so I showed him.  It made his cock hard again, he took me to our bedroom and we fucked like teenagers throughout the night.  He kept telling me he could hardly wait to see me with another man’s cock in my pussy…he asked me if I was going to agree to see you and have sex with you in the near future.  I told him I didn’t know, I was only beginning to think of it.  He asked me if I wanted to bring you to our house and fuck you in our bed…I told him I didn’t think I could do that…I told him that I thought I would prefer a motel room at some no-tell-motel…he laughed, he said he would be fine if I wanted to bring you home and fuck you here, he said he would stay away so that we would both feel comfortable but that I had to tell him every single detail of our first time together.
It all blew my mind.  I really don’t know what to think…I kept thinking this morning as I was sipping my coffee and writing this that he was drunk, that when he gets up this morning he’ll go on like nothing ever happened…but he was like when we were first married, he got up with a hard-on and started fucking me right off…he’s doing all sorts of nasty things like making me sit here at the computer with my legs all sticky from cum and type this note to you…he comes over and has me suck his cock while I’m sitting here trying to finish this up so we can fuck again…he’s enjoying this, he’s enjoying that I’m trying to open my mind to having sex with another man…he’s loving that I’m even considering having another cock inside of me…what do you think about all this?  Is this too much for you to believe? 
I will write more as I compose myself…I’m really pretty freaked out by all this, not in a bad way, just way more than my little mind can comprehend…all because I told him I wanted to talk last night, that I told him I was thinking about having sex with another man.
I got myself so turned on writing this little scenario…well, I had to go and masturbate myself.  Maybe I do have some primal talent in eroticism.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what my e-mail pal will write in response to this scene.
Stay tuned, the Mature Sex Goddess is definitely on her game and at work!!!

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