Please, Be Patient With Me…

His note was referring to me being patient with him with regard to sex because he had been suffering from impotence…i.e.erectile dysfunction of some sort.  My new friend was in town on business and wanted to schedule a get together to explore and experience some of my sexual talents.  He informed me that he was hoping I would allow him to indulge his oral desires, as well as assist him in working through what he had determined as a level of impotence.  Okay, not a problem…at least, not for me.

I take what I have to work with, as far as a man’s sexual ability and see what we can discover or work around.  I’ve acquired a nice selection of various toys and tools in which to use on/with a man that suffers from an inability to get and maintain an erection.  I don’t even begin to pretend I can bring a man’s penis back to life, but I can and will provide some basic enthusiasm for being naked with a man claiming to suffer from this problem.

I would like to think I can provide an amount of sexual inspiration.  Some men just need to be in the presence of a woman that has no problem being naked…I don’t know, I just do what comes naturally to me…shed the red, silk robe and get the man to take his clothes off.  I rather like being naked and helping a man undress…taking each piece of clothing from his body, laying it in a neat, orderly fashion on the nearby chair and then watching to see if his cock stirs between his legs.

In the instance of my new friend, his cock was in a semi-erect state as he laid each piece of clothing on the chair as instructed.  I was drawn to his semi-erect cock, I wanted to get it in my mouth and see if I could make it grow hard…I can’t help but be enthusiastic when my creative juices (and yes, my womanly juices) start to flow…my friend was definitely encouraged…he stood there and let me take his cock-meat into my mouth and proceed to suck.  I could feel his legs tensing a bit as I suckled his cock…I then stopped and kissed my way up to his mouth…yes, I am quite a nasty woman…I kissed him full on the lips and he moaned…

I indicated we should climb up on my nice, big king-sized bed and get comfortable.  We continued to kiss, lick and suck on each other, working up and down each other’s bodies…always coming back up to kiss full on the mouth…I couldn’t help but apply my tongue to his as we kissed fully on the mouth…I felt his hands and fingers on my tits, my nipples becoming hard and erect at his touch…then his hand found its way down to between my legs…I was so hot and wet, I couldn’t wait for his cool fingers to touch my hot, wet, honey-hole…oh yes, that felt so fabulous…my hot pussy with his cold fingers…that made me even hotter!!!  I think he was surprised by how wet he found me…his cock stirred even more and the man had a full-blown hard-on!!!  No question about this cock having a complete and total stiffy!!!!  Note to self, I need to go back and read and make sure this was the same guy that was concerned about me being patient with him as he might not be able to achieve an erection in my presence…Hello, this couldn’t possibly be the same guy, right?

I could feel my need to get that hard cock inside of me…he needed to turn his attentions to eating my pussy…I want my own sexual excitement to continue to grow…I want him to taste my womanly juices.   My friend decided it was time for him to feast between my legs…he moved to where he positioned himself to fully view my freshly shaved pussy.  (Yes, I keep my pussy shaved and free of hair…makes me so incredibly sensitive!)  He began to flick his tongue in the most wicked of ways…OMG, it felt so good, his tongue flicking and licking away…it didn’t take me long to exhibit my pleasure with my moans and groans…I’ve learned to be more vocal, louder in my sounds of pleasure…apparently, a man loves to hear as much as feel, touch, smell, taste a woman’s sexual excitement and pleasure…so, I’ve become more vocal, making sure my sexual sounds of excitement are a little louder than I would normally put out…

I cupped my tits in my hands and proceeded to grind into my friend’s face as his wicked mouth and tongue worked their magic on my hot, wet pussy.  My foot found its way to his cock which was still fully erect…I rubbed his erect cock with my foot, thinking how I was so going to enjoy that cock-meat when he was ready to put it inside of me…I love to ride the wave of excitement on a man’s tongue…this man was doing an incredible job…I didn’t have to correct him or tell him to ease up, not once…he knew the level of pressure that I enjoyed…he just knew…I was on the brink of orgasming several times but holding back…I didn’t want to fall over into my orgasmic bliss…but I was getting oh, so close…and then my friend did something unexpected…I could feel him fingering my wet honey-hole with his finger and then moving those juices to my little tight rosebud of an asshole…he did this several times until he achieved a level of lubrication by my own juices, wherein, my friend then began to insert his finger into my ass-hole while eating my pussy…OMG, again!!!!  There is nothing hotter than being fingered in the ass while a man is doing a tremendous job of eating a woman’s pussy…I was about out-of-my-mind in sexual bliss as this man seemed to be doing everything right…which in turn, was causing him great pleasure and allowing him to achieve a level of erection he hadn’t experienced in quite a while…we were both getting what we wanted, no doubt about that…I was on the edge, I couldn’t hold back much longer…no, there it was, I was on the top of the orgasmic wave of pleasure, now toppling over, over, over into my full-body orgasm…and orgasm I did!!!! 

I applied my deep breathing techniques, which intensifies my orgasm and keeps me rolling along for a few seconds longer before I become so incredible sensitive I can’t stand for a man to touch me…I was just about there but riding that orgasmic wave as long as possible…along I rolled until I finally had to push his face away from my pussy and beg for a few moments to recover…

My friend didn’t hesitate, he pulled on a condom and parted my legs and proceeded to insert that hard piece of man-meat.  OMG!!!!  His cock felt fabulous as it slid into my wetness…my pussy was wide-open and ready to receive whatever large object could be found to enter it…I felt myself orgasming again…my pussy had taken on a mind of her own…my friend was thoroughly enjoying plunging into my womanly depths…his cock-head swelling with each stroke of his hard cock…I cooed and encouraged him to fuck me, plunge deep into me Baby, that’s it…

At one point, my friend declared how was he ever going to stay away from dear Liza and her pussy?  Why stay away, the pussy is always looking for a nice hard cock…I enjoyed hearing my friend mutter his excitement…I hope he does want to see me and enjoy my sexual attentions…

My friend buried his hard cock-meat in my pussy for quite a while…he would pull it out when he would get close to orgasming…he would hold off for a while and then re-insert himself…I would push into him, grinding my hips into him…clenching my womanly muscles to massage his hard cock…I was still marveling at his hardness…I think he was, too.

We continued to fuck for several minutes before my friend decided he couldn’t stand it any longer and wanted to allow himself to orgasm…he pulled out of me and pulled off the condom and proceeded to jack himself off with his hand while I watched.  I have to admit, I do love to watch a man’s cock spew forth the load of cum boiling in his balls…it didn’t take my friend long to erupt in his orgasm…cum squirting up onto his chest…it was a powerful orgasm…the squirts of jism landing on his chest, mingling with his chest hair…my friend continued to work his cock with his hand until his cock finally shriveled up and became limp.  I couldn’t resist and took his limp cock in my fingers…he moaned and shivered as he was way too sensitive now…I let go and went to the bathroom to fetch a nice, wet wash-cloth with which to clean off the residue of his orgasm.

I cleaned him up and dried him off…he was smiling the whole time.  He thanked me and began dressing.  We chit-chatted as I walked him to the door.  He asked me if he could see me again when he was in town, next…of course, my dear, please do send me a note and we’ll arrange for another session of sexual play.

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