Blogging In Spite of Real Life And Computer Problems…

I have been determined to keep up with my blogging…make a post at least once a day, yeah right!!  Seems like I no sooner make that promise to myself when not just one of the computers, but all three of them go nuts.  It takes forever to get my IT/computer guy over here…in fact, I only hear from him or see him when he’s having one of his manic moments caused by the now ex-wife and her family/friends…

So, I’ve been plagued with computer problems lately…in fact, since my last official “first” post.  Oh, the Mature Sex Goddess has been having one sexual adventure after another…so much to share, so many thoughts and processes to relate to those willing to venture into my blog…

I’m scared to death to get started posting again because I never know what’s going to hang up the computer and how much I will loose trying to reboot…so, I’m taking a big chance today and posting anyway…so far, so good…

As a Mature Sex Goddess, I’m all about the sex…and I’ve managed to carve out a little niche for myself that enables me to live out one of my most favorite fantasies.  The craziest part of realizing this particular fantasy is that I get so damned sexually, turned-on.

I can just see you sitting there, reading along and wondering, what in the world is this middle-aged, MATURE, woman saying?  What could possibly turn her on sexually? 

Well, it’s simple, I get sexually turned-on when I know I’m going to get money for indulging/enjoying a sexual encounter!!!  Yes, my most favorite and sexiest fantasy is of being a “high-dollar” whore!!  Yes, I know, providing sex for money, is against the law in just about all fifty(50) states…I think Nevada is the only state that prostitution is not against the law…nevertheless, I don’t consider myself a “professional” so-to-speak…I prefer the term, hobbyist or provider.  I provide a man with sex and he, in turn, provides me with the particulars of my fantasy which is paying me for the hour he spends with me, naked, in my bed, having some sort of sex.

Oh, I can hear the keyboards clicking now…the moral zealots zipping off a blasting comment or two or three…but the reality of it all, is that I LOVE living out this particular fantasy when I’m able to find a man that will indulge me…just like I’m sure the man is thrilled that I will and do provide what he’s seeking with regard to sex.

The bottom-line is that I am a VERY sexual woman.  I’m 50-years-old and the libido is still alive.  I’ve been divorced now for 9-years…I’ve discovered more about myself sexually in those 9-years than I ever did in my marriage of 20-years.  I did learn that I was sexually repressed/suppressed in my marriage…I was one of those women that found herself in a sexless marriage…I know, I know, the opposite is usually the case, a man finds himself with a wife who has completely lost her sex drive/interest and thus, he’s “forced” to seek sexual pleasures in the arms of another woman or, these days, another man…

For those wondering, what in the world…I’m laying the ground work for my blog posts of my sexual adventures/exploits…whatever you want to call them…not to mention some of my witticisms on how I think, feel and such on life with a sexual context…

In conclusion, I’m living the life of what I am deeming the life of a “Mature Sex Goddess.”  After all, it is all about me and all about the sex!!!!

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