The Goddess Is In…

What is a “mature sex goddess” you ask?  That would be me…Goddess Elizabeth…a 50-year-old woman in her sexual prime.  Oh yes, I’m all about sex…I love sex! 

I love sex, as long as sex is on my terms.  I know, I know, what terms might those be?  Well, I’m a believer in fantasies coming/cumming true.  I’ve found a way to fulfill my own fantasies while helping a man realize one or more of his fantasies.  It is very simple and both parties get what they are seeking in a NSA (no strings attached) friendship/relationship…whatever one wants to call a meeting where two people come together and get the sexual experience and activity that they are seeking.

I’ve come to a point in my life where I have found my way to singledom after a 20-year sexless marriage to now owning my own house/home…owning my own car…but something was missing.

I wanted the little extras, the material baubles…a little extra running around money…hmmm, how does a gal incorporate these materialistic and monetary desires into the equation?  Let’s throw a “when” in there as I do work a full-time day job.  You know, the 50-year-old legal secretary in a big downtown, silk-stocking, law firm by day and the wicked, sexy vamp by night!

I’ve made my way since my divorce almost 9-years ago, to where I am now!!  How exciting is that!!!

So, fasten your seat-belts, I’m going to take you on the ride of a lifetime…some glimpses of where I’ve been and share where I’m currently finding myself…definitely not for the faint of heart…or faint of mind…I don’t suggest that my way is THE only way…I just know what’s worked for me and what continues to work for me…come/cum along for the ride or pass my blog on by…

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