The 2014 Mature Sex Goddess

It has been an amazing journey these past five years. I’ve gone from an enthusiastic 50-year-old sexually charged fireball to a sarcastic, careful, 55-year-old mature sex goddess! I’ve learned a lot about personal relations both at work (the day job) and in my private or personal life. I’ve learned that there are always going to be those people, women specifically, that are jealous of me and looking to take me out and down if they figure out a way to do so. I know I am one tough gal when it comes to setting my mind to surviving and I will not let these pathetic women get me down emotionally or physically.

I’ve learned that I have to keep putting myself out there and finding new ways of connecting with all kinds of people. I will always consider myself to be a work in progress in all aspects and manners of my life.

I am jaded when it comes to my sexual preferences and tastes. I am enjoying finding a way to interact with a man without exposing what a true mature sex goddess I really am!! Don’t die laughing…I can and do pull it off every now and then. I think my most favorite part of where I am right now in my life is that I’m continually evolving sexually and personally AND I don’t look like what I think a sexually jaded woman would look like. I’ve got style and class AND I allow myself to think I’m beautiful both on the inside and out!!!

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